Which upgrades benefit broodlords?

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Flyer Carapace obviously.
Since they don't really have an attack, does the flyer attack benefit them?

Or do I need ground melee upgrade for the broodlings?

Do broodlings benefit from ground carapace?
The flier attack benefits the initial damage of the Broodling hitting the target.

The ground carapace and weapons benefit the Broodlings.
BROODLORDS benefit from the 2 air upgrades, armor for obvious reasons and attack since the BROODLING'S impact to a unit does damage.

The BROODLINGS however benefit for ground unit upgrades such as attack.(Not sure about the armor tho.)

Hope this helps.

EDIT: The above post already answered the question, thanks for confirmation on ground carapace.
Broodlings benefit from both the ground upgrades. Meaning a fully upgraded BL takes 4 upgrades.
Oh now that's very interesting. Overall, do you feel like the flying damage or ground damage is more important/effective to the broodlord?

I'll probably be training both up anyway in any game going on that long, but just out of curiosity.
The usefulness of the Ground Weapons is based on how long the Broodlings survive while the Air Weapons will give the same damage boost regardless. So if the Broodlings die the instant they are spawned (e.g. Siege Tanks are present) then Ground Weapon upgrades won't matter at all, but the Air damage will remain constant. Air Carapace is more important than ground since the Broodlords need to survive more than the broodlings.

Edit: fyi, this is just theorycrafting.
Thanks for all the responses.

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