How many banelings would you use.

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Lets say the terran has made 2 supply and 1 barrack to block his entrance.

He has one bunker behind it with 4 marines in it.

How many banelings would you use to bust it?
me not knowing how to count... probably 10 or so rollys
more is better, just have zerglings to finish the job. i think the better question is how much gas you can afford to spend before your strategy becomes all-in.
I have been doing a Baneling/Roach attack vs terran, it seems to wok ok. Basicly Im trying to kill them before they get the bio ball drop on me. But I think I'm using to many banelings, been making like 12+
scout with a speedling first, if he's got a ton of stuff right at the entrance, make a few extra, if it's not that much, 7-8 will do the trick every time.

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