We have reached Cheese factor 10 captain!

Zerg Discussion
Protoss guy brings his probe into my base, and drops 2 vespyne on my gas before i have my pool done, by the time i kill the vesphynes gas in my base im already to far behind on gas, and zerglings wont work because he blocked his entrance with gateways and cannons, he then rushes to a few void rays gg i lose.
this happened to me once. He'd cancel and rebuild that extractor a lot.
if he takes 1 gas, immediately take the other, regardless if its your build order or not.
he'll leave. proceed as normal until you need the gas. heck, ignore it for a while if you want to get your lings into his mineral line.

p.s. "B" --> "E" are the shortcuts for an extractor. your gonna need to use em if you want your drone to beat his on that second gas.

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