Roaches underpowered?? You kidding me?

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Oh please. Roaches eat up zealots/stalkers and are even more effective against mech terran. Rather than having to read a long essay of why i think so, please watch this replay against a high rank diamond terran who does standard mech build. It's a 20 minute long game but you can fast forward past my failed baneling bust to the roach vs thor/tank/marauder battle and see what I'm talking about. Roaches are amazingly effective and complaining about them means you're not even using them right. Btw, please don't let the fact that I'm platinum deter my assertion, im rank 1 in my division so i've recently been playing only diamonds anyways.
I liked what you did there, its really nice to see their underground burrowing being used. I'm impressed at how well that worked out.
Eh, I think they're alright, they could use a little bit of a boost for being 2 supply (like burrow heal being increased slightly, or burrow moved to T1). They're OK at what they do, which is meatshielding or light harassing. With hydras on the field, both units go from decent to amazing.
Boost? Please watch my replay and hopefully you'll change your mind about that ^^
Meh, yeah. The only problem I have with roaches is the name of their life regeneration upgrade. I think it should be Subterranean Adaptation or something, because the name tunneling claws completely misses the fact that it also makes them regenerate life.
You did some great micro there but if that guy had scanned when you burrowed the first time and/or stimmed his marauders i think it would have been a different outcome.

I love roaches but they do melt really fast to thors tanks and marauders when the terran player is half decent.
lol i like what you did here.....this unit is op, it kills what it hard counters LMAO.....since when does a roach counter a stalker tho? you mean when the stalker just sits there and tries to tank the damage or something? LOL, with your 3 range LOL!

roaches eat stalkers?

How does a unit with less range and less speed eat up the other unit? I suppose if they're both just standing there in a 1on1 the roach might do okay....but yeah, I don't play in copper leagues
Thanks. And yeah when I meant countering stalkers, I obviously don't mean like a full on head to head shootout. I guess I got to be more specific and i mean like a burrow suprise/moving attack. Engage a stalker/zealot army with burrowed roaches right below them. With creep highway and speed is even better. If he has detector then obviously just go speedlings and your other vs toss builds.
high ranked diamond lmao
ok.. a terran rank 20's diamond if that makes you feel superior..
gotta look at points not rank

im just here to bust your balls shim

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