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First, and I cannot emphasize this enough, scout early and often so you can know exactly what the other player is producing. Zerg is a reactionary race and you often have to make quick decisions in order to be successful.

If you see the terran player with 3 rax or something of the sort, assume he will be making a timing push with his bio ball of marines and marauders. I also like to scout with a sacrificial overlord or overseer to see what the composition of that ball will be.

More marauders than marines? - make more zerglings
More marines than marauders? - make more roaches/banelings

Banelings are your go to unit for breaking that ball up especially if there are lots of marines, which in all honesty are more dangerous than marauders. If you see the attack coming, leave the banelings/zerglings outside of your natural and out of sight. The objective is to trap the terran player into attacking your roaches, spine crawlers (have at least 2), and queens in the front and then swarming from behind with the banelings first to soften them up and the zerglings to follow. The banelings will really even things out and should put the fight into your favor.

Another VERY important aspect to remember about playing zerg is you are much more mobile than your terran opponent is. When I see his ball move out into the middle of the map either for the attack or just for map control, I'll send some of my zerglings around into his natural or main to harass. Two things can happen here:

1) He is forced to pull back his force to defend, which takes time and delays the attack.
2) He pushes forward with his force which allows your dirt cheap zerglings to kill scvs and possibly delay reinforcements.

Also some tips and tricks that can help -

+ Although not always advised, you can burrow banelings and auto cast the un-burrow, making them act as land mines. Most terran players using MMM aren't running around with a raven.
+ Tech up! Ultras or brood lords will decimate that bio ball so if you can delay them long enough to field those units, you will win. Many not so good terran players will over commit to MMM and that gives you an advantage late game.
+ Remember roaches regenerate health super fast while burrowed. You can do a lot of good by microing and burrowing hurt roaches mid fight.

This is by no means the definitive answer on how to fight terran but it should give some newer players an idea of what to do. I hope I could help!
Don't forget to later in the game grab some infestors and fungal growth them. 36 damage means the marines are almost dead.
The infestor is the key baby, in the mid game.
I totally agree about the infestors, but this is more for that early-mid game timing push that happens when you are just starting to get hydralisk tech.

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