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i havent had a chance to test this out but i think it would be fun to take an over with a queen and place creep tumors at every expansion. you can use this to scout and see when they expand. and if they arnt zerg stop them form expanding until they get detectors.

just take a queen in an overlord drop it at expansion tell overlord to spawn creep place a creep tumor on it and off the the next expo to drop some more.

then just creep out the map from all directions

has anyone every tired this? my macros isn't quite good enough to do it myself.
wow not even a single reply...
been discussed, but more as a highwway spreader idea. would be cool if you honestly have the time to do it
Overlord creep drop + queen tumor placement should be a more common strat, but it's not. And Ventral sacs at 200/200 is a lot for this unless you're going to be using banelings or have your eye on a rock expansion.
thats a great idea but its more of in t2 content with macro i will def try it!
I've thought about doing it, but its wasteful to do it early-mid game when it would be most effective.
overlord drop research isnt worth it unless you are planning a drop raid or baneling bombs. Its just too expensive.
Also i'd rather keep spreading the tumors normally so i cover the entire map not just the expos. If you check them bout every 30 seconds, you shouldnt fall behind. And without a battle ground around, it isnt that hard to glance at them.
yeah overlord speed should be combined with drop for 100/100, as it is now i cant ever remember getting overlord carrying because of the cost and the fact that getting both speed and drop really sets my hive back a lot further.
200/200 + a couple minutes is a small price to pay for getting drop capabilities for units you already have. its a great option, but sometimes the gas is better spent elsewhere too.

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