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Drowning Pool "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor."


Eminem "Till I Collaspe"
Oh man, if you like all those bands then you're gonna LOVE Eluveitie.

Only song I could find was "Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom." I'm at work so everything else that came up was blocked.!in-tastic. Awesome. Definitely gonna pick up a CD ASAP.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Usually Hanna Montana, Jonas Brothers, or Justin Bieber.

Actually I don't typically listen to music while I play. I probably should though, I really need to relax.
AWAKEN MY CHILD, and embrace the glory that is your birthright, know that I am the overmind, eternal will of the swarm, and that you have been created to serve me!

As long as you have Cheez-Its/Doritos/both I'm OK with that.
I always hear Ride of the Valkyries when I see the speedlings cross the map to help my teammates or charge a mineral line.

It makes me remember that old 3DO game of capture the flag where that tune played when you were returning that said flag.

hmm I'll have to make myself a playlist to get some mood going.
2 hour long Jack Beats essential mix. The entire mix normally gets me through a playing session, and if it doesn't, then I just turn on the Deadmau5 essential mix.
First 10 minutes.
I like the ingame music. It creates a nice atmosphere
Anything John mayer... Fathers be good to your daughters is a good one to pump larva to :D
Hell, yeah, metalheads unite! My metal collection is freaking huge and I'd post it if the stupid Metal Archives site used unique URLs for each page.

But as far as the game goes, I like to just listen to the game music most of the time. I don't like music with any kind of vocals when it's in the background of something extremely serious like StarCraft; it needs to actually fit what's happening. I actually find that some songs off the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory soundtrack as well as Mass Effect 1 & 2 fit surprisingly well.
Til I Collapse is brilliant while zerging it up.
got the country station on 99.9 kiss country
I don't listen to music while playing (I suck and get distracted), but if I did, I would definitely find some classical type music. It would be great contrast to Zerg (such as the classical score in Bioshock).
I don't listen to music when playing, but I will play Battle Without Honor and Humanity right before I attack.

Every time I attack.
For zerg rushes:
wow metal heads huh? well my lings love them 80s classic rock they love to get it on. and sometimes my banelings like to listen to T.N.T. from ACDC i just love how i listen to that and i destroy half a terrans army hahahahah! and my mutas really like to listen the who, teenage waste land haha there is notihng like a bunch of dead SCVs and the who singing teenage wasteland!

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