Swapping Hydras and Roaches by tier.

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I have been seeing a lot of posts about zerg problems, and I thought that maybe this could be a workable and easy solution for blizzard that would fix some of them. This is not meant to be a flaming post or a big debate, I am just curious as to everyone's thoughts about this: What if blizzard swapped the roach warren and hydralisk den? So in tier one, after the spawning pool, zerg players could build a hydralisk den early, and roaches would be moved to the old den spot. This would be good anti air early in the game. It would allow the zerg to fend off voidrays rush or banshee rush (but still need to tech to tier 2 to get overseer for cloak, but not evolution chamber). It would give the zerg a stronger unit earlier in the game.

I see a lot of potential problems with this, but do the positives outweigh the benefits?

Would it kill the roach? (But really, is that a problem? It seems like hydralisks aren't used much right now anyways because they are so slow off creep and squishy, maybe a unit for unit trade).

Would it make zerg early game better or worse?

Would it mess with any zerg synergy? (Things like how the build works or how the units work together).

Would it help in any way counter the percieved game imbalance of ZvT?

Would it create more imbalance than it would fix?

I thought of this because the game is supposed to be patched in about 5 weeks, but I highly doubt blizzard will create any wild zerg units to help out the zerg, but they may mess with what is already there. Just a thought, let me know what you think.

Edit: Thumbs up if you like the idea, maybe someone in blizzard will notice it.
This game was patched almost 20 times prior to release and this was a constant suggestion. It's not needed. Hydras can be out as fast as you might need them vs. Banshee or VR harass. Switch Hydras and Roaches and Zerg would be nearly helpless vs. a Toss Zealot rush.
Dang, well if it has already been suggested and dismissed maybe they have found more problems with it than benefits.
Yea gotta admit roaches and/or crawlers are zergs only viable defense against a toss rush. Switching the two would not only greatly increase toss rush vulnerability but also make roaches...extinct for the most part.
Scrap the Toss rush which kills the idea to start with...

I don't think it kills Roaches. Most Z players that go Hydra-ball actually do a swap of this on their own.

Lings -> Lair -> Hydra Den -> Roach Warren -> Speed-Ling/Roach/Hydra combo (which on 3 bases is crushing)

It's one of the most viable solution vs. biomech balls or other non-Robo builds because the Lings get there for a fast surround to contain the army, the Roaches soak damage and the Hydra's range and fast attack speed eats through things. All for a ridiculously low cost vs. most other non-MMM builds.

The speed with which the Hydra Den pops after starting it plus the Hydras hit dirt after queuing them up makes them perfectly viable as a T2 unit.
if they do that they should reduce hydras cost by 25 gas at least sense 1 marine can kill a hydra when it costs 1/4 the amount.
i honestly like the way zerg is right now. I win some, i lose some but honestly i think the zerg race is fairly balances. keep in mind there is always someone in the terran or protoss forums that are flaming to make a patch of one of their units.

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