Breaking the Terran Defense

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I played a game recently against a Terran player walled in with siege tanks on high ground, missile turrets everywhere, and a decent sized army of marines and vikings. I had a lot of trouble trying to punch through his defense without trading off way too many units.
Is there any good economic way to break through this, or just focus on controlling the rest of the map and out macroing him?
Even with map control... that ball of death, when it emerges, will steam roll everything in sight.
the trick is map control. If you can take all of the expos and keep him below 3 base, you will win. A good trick is to max your army (full of ultras and brolords and banelings and all those guys), then do an assault and use a bunch of stored larva to instantly rebuild your army. It may not be economical, but its the only way.
Keep harassing, keep scouting, keep him right where he is and be SURE to know when he moves out. Tech up to ultras while maintaining air superiority.
Mutalisks beat vikings if he ever leaves his base.

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