Beginner's guide to Zerg micro, macro, & BOs.

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Note - I'm thinking about writing two more guides to complement the first two. One will be on basic Zerg unit compositions, an overview of all of our units, and how to counter all of Terran and Protoss's units. The other will be a very basic overview of Zerg tactics - harassment, containment, expansion, aggression versus defense, that sort of thing. If you think you could benefit from one or both of these, let me know by replying to this thread, and I'll get started on them as soon as I can.

Yes, would love to read your other guides. This was very helpful.
Well Done.
U do realize theres a website called liquipedia right? It has very comprehensive strategy posts from the Starcraft community. Also, check with Teamliquid, it's alot more helpful than the blizzard sites
Yes, but we tend not to follow the advice of people who are incapable of spelling the word 'You'

Thanks for the excellent guide
It's guides like this that have gotten me into Diamond.

I can't thank you enough, the amount of time and dedication you and AntHill, to name a few, have put into helping newer players see that there's more to this game then massing units.

For the swarm.
Amazing guide.
Amazing guide.

Even as a mid level Diamond player there were some useful tips in this guide. I suggest every zerg player give it a look over at least.
Wonderful! I want to work my way to playing random one day and Zerg was always the hardest for me to grasp. This helps wonders. Keep up the good work!
Awesome guide! I was ready to give up on Zerg but these tips are perfect. For the swarm!
Agreed. Great guide! I would love a brief explanation (probably on another thread) of great unit counters, and probably more on flanking. My biggest problem is probably that i face almost everything head on, and i always have trouble using zerglings to any effect.
Just wanted to say thanks for the hard work and this helpful guide!
Nicholas, your guides are remarkable in detail. You seem to have a complete understanding of how to play the hell are you still in Silver? You certainly sound like you have the workings of a top diamond zerg player--any replays of your matches I could watch? I want to know the mistakes of someone who knows the working of the zerg race so well.

he spends too much time making creep tumours all over the map ;)
P.S. If medics were allowed in multiplayer I'd kill myself.

Medics with the produce-at-a-reactor upgrade and orbital drop...
P.S. If medics were allowed in multiplayer I'd kill myself.

Medics with the produce-at-a-reactor upgrade and orbital drop...

And we'll add the mercenaries, just for the hell of it. Terran could use a buff.
Yes please that would be awesome. Thank you for all the time you took to put this guide together. I haven't read the whole thing, but I looked it over and know I can learn a lot.
The answers to my prayers. Thank you very much. As a new Zerg player and a fanatic for getting my Zerg game better, this will help me!
great guides. encore!

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