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Do Zerg units heal faster when on Creep?

Does creep has any effect on opponent forces, ie. Terran and Protos?

Thank you
Do Zerg units heal faster when on Creep?

Does creep has any effect on opponent forces, ie. Terran and Protos?

Thank you

Creep does not give additional regen to Zerg units, and neither does it effect the opponent's (non-Zerg) units in any way.

Anyway, I would like to congratulate the OP on writing such a comprehensive guide to Zerg play. I just wish I had seen it back when I was just starting to play the game, as it would have helped immensely. Keep up the good work!

how do you get to the guide in the game
Wow. you can spawn larvae using the minimap. i failll
Moar solid information. And information is power!

Thumbs up.
Is this post being updated or not at all?
I can update it if people want me to. I figured that there are newer, similar guides that people have been using, but I'd be happy to go back and look over this one again.
I have Changed to Zerg and i had alot of probloms (i was protoss before)
I learned that zerg needs to be more atctive as in counter attacks
Thank You for the giude it healped
That's a pretty good guide. Nice job person who wrote it.
Could you please post a 1 base Mutalisk build order. I've seen a few different variations on this throughout the forums and since all the build orders I've tried from your posts have worked for me at least a satisfying number of times I would like to see how you think it should be done. Thanks.

Enjoyed this and the scouting guide a lot. So, thanks again.
The method I've found best to do the larva injects is to hotkey all my Queen's used for injects onto the same hot-key. I then press Backspace because it by default changes the camera location between all your hatches. You can then easily press the larva inject hotkey, and inject. So it looks like this: Hotkey for queens > inject > backspace > inject > backspace inject.

I like this method because it can sometimes become difficult to nail all your injects off the mini-map on bigger maps because the scale ratio is different. Not only that, but the more you build structures, the more the mini-map gets covered making it difficult to see.

Once you get proficient with this method, its faster then click actions anyways, as everyone knows, hotkeys are ALWAYS faster.

I actually took this approach a step further and rekeyed in the hotkeys menu my Backspace to Tab, and the `/~ key next to 1 to zero. So I just press ~ > Tab > Inject > Tab > Inject etc. That way I never have to have my right hand leave the mouse increasing the efficiency that much more.
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I've been a zerg player as a kid, always loved them, I know every weakness and strength they have and i've recently come back into the game. I just got out of the bronze leauge the other day and i thought i knew everything. I kept losing but I thought i couldn't get any better. I read this once and I am astounded at just how much you've helped me. I thank you a million times sir. (sorry about the spelling)
So TYSM for the quick guide, really helps me a lot :)
08/06/2010 09:30 PMPosted by TheBarfer

The Zergling Rush

Ah, the Zergling rush. Probably the most standard rush the Zerg have, not to mention the most infamous. I'll post the build order that I personally use for this rush, and it works great for me.

Drones until 10
10 - Extractor (put three Drones on when it finishes)
9 - Drone
10 - Spawning Pool
9 - Overlord
10 - Drone (use him to scout)
11, 12 - Drones
13 - Zergling Speed upgrade (the Pool should finish around now, and this upgrade is CRUCIAL to the rush)
13 - Queen
14, 15, 16 - Zerglings
16 - Overlord
I think you missed a step in here, and it makes this build very confusing to figure out. So after you build the SP, you're at 9 Supply, at which point you say to build an Overlord. Then the next step says I'm at 10 Supply? Am I to assume that it should be "9 - Drone (use him to scout)", and then "10, 11, 12 - Drones"? Thus putting me to the 13 Supply the guide says I should have when I start the speed upgrade?

I dunno, maybe I'm misreading it, but it just seems like the numbers switch from being what supply you have as you do a step, to being the supply that the step will set you to, then back again. x_x I think I get it, though.
thank you so much
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