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Hey guys, I don't come here often obviously, but I was hoping that you could help me. Recently my dad bought StarCraft 2 but can't seem to play against other people. Its hard to explain really. When he clicks on the "Multiplayer" tab, the loading circle just keeps on cycling. It never progresses past that point. He can log into and play the campaign just not the multiplayer. I also bought the game and haven't had any problems, other than the connection to dropping and coming back up within a second. So I was hoping you guys could help me out with this. Thanks a lot.
Is his firewall blocking anything? Seems that would be a likely cause.
Can't be. I turned the firewall completely off, and still nothing.
I'm also having the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Come on, I know someone has a solution..

Check all of his router settings, not just the firewall.

Starcraft II uses TCP port 1119 to play and UDP port 1119 for in game Voice chat.

The StarCraft II launcher uses TCP port 1119, 1120 to obtain patch information, and 80 to get to the web site for patch notes.

The StarCraft II Downloader uses TCP ports 3724 and 6881 through 6999 for Peer to Peer (The Downloader will use 3724 first and if it's not available, move to 6881 and on up to 6999.)

Patching the game requires TCP port 80

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Well I did all of that, and it still didn't work. I decided to try logging him onto MY laptop, where it did the exact same thing as what happened on his. I logged my account back in and it worked flawlessly.
That would lead me to believe it's an issue with his account then and not a tech issue with the computer. As I can't see any account info here, he'll need to call in to our Billing Department so they can verify the account is activated properly. It may be a regional issue as in maybe he made the account in a region different from the region the game key was for.

Billing representatives are on hand to take your call between 8am to 8pm Pacific Time, 7 days a week at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (1-800-592-5499). Customers in Australia should call 1-800-041-378.

When you first call, you'll probably get a recording that all of the representatives are busy and that you should call back. We suggest you keep redialing until you get into the actual queue, after which you'll have to wait for a representative to come on the line.

Technical Support is available
7 days a week!, 8am-8pm Pacific Time
I'm not available Friday/Saturday

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Thanks a lot. Its a little late here, so I'll phone tomorrow. Again, thanks for the help.
I am also having the same problem, I have played it online many times in the past, but just today it started not loading, my account info is fine as I've played it before, my firewall is no different and I can even talk to my friends on the chat bar in Starcraft 2, it just won't allow me to get past the loading icon.
I'm also having the same issue as well. It's an off and on random issue, as sometimes I've been able to get into games, and sometimes I haven't and it's really annoying since I lose games for my friends because it doesn't connect. I've forwarded all my ports as well.
Never been able to play multiplayer and the singleplayer vs AI always comes up as no content found.

Apparently we all just need to get the maps to download once to our systems and this will fix everything.

I've done everything the support staff has thought of, including directly connecting to the modem with the firewall turned completely off.
Yeah I have never had any problems until yesterday, I have played online, vs. ai everything with no problems. But as of yesterday I was trying to connect to my friend who invited me and it just showed the loading circle and that's it, I've tried multiple internet connections and disabled Firewall as well.
I'm having the same problem. Quick match and custom maps just keep on loading. Someone please help :(
I tried contacting Blizzard and they keep saying it's a Network issue on my behalf.
I use to be able to play before then once I skipped my league games it started the same thing all you guys had its annoying...
My main computer processor fried yesterday so i installed on my backup computer I am now getting this error and can't play multiplayer it just hangs and says "download has failed"
i also have the exact same problem. weird thing is, is that i used to be able to play until like a couple of days ago. i reinstalled the game and everything. my account is fine as i can play WoW normally. whenever i try to join a multiplayer game it gets stuck at the Players found! part, or when not in a group it just doesnt seem to start looking. then it takes a while until i can click on either multi or singleplayer again. has anyone managed to solve their problem??

Please go ahead and start your own thread instead of resurrecting this one. :)

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