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My roommate just bought the game online via digital download, and can't find his game key, so he can't play...

I can't find my game key either.... Not that I want to give mine to him, but I figured I would find it and tell him where it is.

What gives?
Digital download does not give you a gamekey. The game is automatically added to your account. You use that account to log into the game.
No worries. Just install the game and log into the account he bought the digital download with,
That's nice to know, thanks for the reply.

But that could be explained in the prompt that ask you to attach the game to your account when you first install. Or better yet just ask if you want to attach the game to you account when you log in to the game or play as a "guest" from a different account. Confusing and unnecessary.
It's always in the last place you look. So just look there first. EZ.
This ticked me off aswell...but thanks for the info
Also not a fan of this surprise "you should have something - but you won't be able to find it if you bought the digital downlaod" message and a 40 minute wait to talk to customer service... thankfully I found this info while on hold.
I also had a mini freak out until reading this thread.. thanks
Obvious game key is obvious......wait....
Agreed. This could have been more clearly explained by Blizzard.
Thanks for the info i was starting to freak....
In the same boat with everyone else.. Thanks!

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