micro an macro tips?

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so im the average zerg player you know i like to be a little sneaky an a ruthless jerk-off ;D
but recently i have realized that my micro an my macro(mainly this) is a little sub par of a pro (cough cough) Ive been playing the comp on hard trying to find a good time to transition into making drones into making my army an Ive been doing challenges to work on my micro skills is there anything else i can do?

From what I have gathered, the computer is like a sparring partner. Its a controlled environment to test build orders. The macro is whats killing me.
When you play against the computer, try droning as much as you can, and only building up units when your opponent pushes out, if you die, look back and think about how many more units you needed to survive. Then next time, you get a feeling of what the bare minimum you need to defend a push. This will help you learn the concept of drone management and scouting. Be aware of larve inject and constantly be thinking about it. Try your best to keep your money down.

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