Is there a way to stop an early proxy gate...

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...going up inside your base?

I had a toss player put one up, and I didn't catch it until it was already warping in. He had it against my wall, and it went down before I even dropped my pool. I pulled as many drones off my line as could attack it to try to stop it, but I couldn't bring it down and he kept queing pylons faster than I could kill them.

I'm pretty sure if I had left it alone, the first chronoboosted zealot would have come out before my zerglings did.

Is there a way to deal with this, or is it just too late by the time the gate is going up?
Spine crawlers/queen are your best bet.

This is my last 1v1 placement match from earlier today. Toss tried to 2 gate proxy rush me on my natural. I threw down some spine crawlers as soon as I scouted it, dropped a roach warren and ran into his base with lings as soon as I had some defense.
Quick Roach
Proper scouting really. If you can catch it or suspect it, you really need to pool a bit earlier then you might be accustom to.

There are a few ways you can go from there. You can just mass lings while continuing to lay down more spine crawlers, all the while grabbing the speed upgrade. Usually I dance around trying to hold off so I can get a few crawlers up, then once I have a sizable army and speedlings I take half of my speedlings and run right towards his base, from there it's pretty much game.

Roaches work as well, but you need to get a few lings to hold off the early pressure. Don't be afraid to pull some drones off either if you really need too.
spine crawler and fast roach

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