(solved) "No characters available" Issue

Bug Report
Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else gets locked out of posting and is wise enough to do a forum search.

Since the server was down this morning, thought I'd mosey on over to the forums were I found I was unable to post do to "No characters available," "You need a StarCraft II character (created in-game) to post on the forums." and trying to open my profile page gave me an error page instead. I already had a character however, had posted on the forums before, and assumed it must be a server maintenance issue so I decided to just wait it out.

Once the servers were back up I was having the same problem. Logging out and back in after a computer restart fixed the issue. I'm still assuming my profile/character missing was some sort of maintenance bug, but I'd waited for the servers to come back online before I tried fixing anything so I'm uncertain.
This just happened to me. All I had to do was wait it out!
Oh god... SORRY, I didn't see the date this was posted (2010)... Ugh, most fail bump ever. Sorry :O
weird - this thread fixes it for me.
This thread fixed it for me too.... tried restarting and everything before
(thanks for the magic thread)
great thread! it fixed it just by visiting it :D thx
great thread! it fixed it just by visiting it :D thx

Same here, thanks thread !
WOW this thread fixed it for me too!! lol thankyou thread

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