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Is anyone else dissapointed by the lack of fresh new units for zerg? I am for one. when i move around my zerg army it feels a lot like SC1 (with the exception of roaches) sure the new units we do have are nice. I feel that banelings were perfect for the zerg image. but i was expecting new core units for the zerg

when i mean core units i mean units like the stalker and zealot for the protoss and the tank and marine (depending on the situation at hand for the player)

when i compare the 3 races in terms of mechanics and spells/abilities zerg is by far the most stagnant. protoss has blink, charge for the zlots, force field, guardian shield. where the terran has EMP, fast cliff jumpers, and very well rounded units with clear defining purposes(not that protoss and zerg doesn't either).

in my opinion, hydra and/or muta should have been scrapped and replaced with something new. and dont get me wrong these units are very strong, but this is a new game and i wanted to play with awesome, new zerg units. instead we just get the core units from SC1 BW and it is so boring.

and i do not think the lurker should be brought back. i want blizzard to think of something *new* and defining for zerg gameplay.

That is all xD

(also this is my first post and all constructive posts would be awesome, and please spare my fragile self esteem :P. also feel free to post unit and/or mechanic ideas)

Bump and here is a mechanic idea (i'm just pitching an idea and im not including balance)

how about a zerg build called the nursury.

Zerg Nursury:
150-200 minerals
50-150 gas
Purpose: it cannot produce larvae on its own. it requires the aid of a queen to produce larvae.
the intent of this is so zerg players can have smaller production buildings to produce units while the hatchery can focus on making drones as well all know zerg players have to balance worker production and unit production.
I agree on the units. They can't come up with some crazy monsters? But god forbid they make two different criminals into two units...(reaper, maurader).
The infestor in my opinion is the only real new unit.

Banelings are just modified infested terrans.

Roaches are just a hybrid (crappy one at that) between hydras and lurkers.

Corrupters are just Devourers

Brood Lords are just Guardians that spawn a broodling when they shoot.
yeah, what they really need is a good high tech anti-air unit. i know end game, if either terran are able to mass bc or if protoss mass carrier/mothership, its game over. corrupters and hydras both melt away too fast, and neither ultras nor bls can shoot air :/
Zerg really got the shaft. heh i remember the days in alpha when ppl were raging about whether or not hydras were coming back....i wish they had been scrapped in favor for something sexier
Can compare the NEW units each race got.
Some were grandfathered in from SC 1.


Protoss ]

Warp Prism
Void Ray


and the ever Iconic Roach

As you can see, Terran and Protoss had a lot of reimagining of their units (Dragoons got repurposed and replaced).
Not trying to QQ this up but kinda feel like zerg didn't really evolve much in the 5 year span the game went through like Terran (Who were extremely innovative in 5 years) and Protoss (Who actually REGRESSED to some of their old war techniques as well as combining the Void arts into their culture)
by far the best thing to happen to zerg is the larvae production ability. Queen is such a great unit. imo it should be made into a core unit. remove the move speed penalty and it would work so great with hydras, roaches and ultras....maybe too powerful XD only one way to find out!
I'd take Mule / Scan / Instant supply drop over spawn larva any day
i meant to zerg, not the whole game :P. i adore the spawn larvae ability. imo a hive mind based society or what not needs a mother figure type creature to watch over the home hive and the queen fits that perfectly. ants have workers to care for the rest along with bees.
Yeah I enjoy the concept of the queen, it's a neat unit to me, basically is limited to the "internal network" of zerg. Can defend pretty well, and baby sit everything.

I'd like to see it be a little less intense on the level of macro though. Considering all zerg units require intense micro to be effective, it's inevitible that you aren't going to be spawning larva during battles for each hatchery, thus severely crippling you when you need to replenish your army and only have 3 larva at each hatch.
agreed Gabriot.

However lets get back on topic.

The lack of new zerg units/mechanics and the fading zerg identity as a swarm
I miss scourges, such cool lil buggers. With them in the campaign I hope to see them return in one of the expansions.
i don't like seeing SC1 BW units added into the multi-player. i want some new core units for zerg that reshape their gameplay and actually is exciting when you fight.

imagine a brand new zerg terror waiting to be tested on the battlefield and passing its test with flying colors. i want something like that (within reasonable balance obviously.

sure we can have scourges, but lets add something new and innovative to them. like a slow if its suicide attack fails to kill its target.
I think one of the bigger problems was that unlike the other races who had units removed and new ones to fill the roles, it didn't happen for zerg.
We lost the lurker, the defiler and scourge, and nothing REALLY replaced the roles they filled effectively (you're sorely mistaken if you think an infestor replaces what a defiler could do.).
Don't worry, there will be an expansion and it's called Heart of the Swarm. ;]

So zerg innovation sucks and doesn't get any love until we pay money for an expansion?

I don't like the smell of that.
yeah me too Gabriot :( we do need units to fill the roles of the lurker and defiler, but i don't want those units to come back. then it would just be SC1 zerg in 3D. i want new innovative units that fill those roles.

i could wait for an expansion for new units. but i don't want to wait for balance changes via patches to make zerg more on par with the other two races.

and i do think zerg needs an overhaul in the unit department and if its a big overhaul i don't mind waiting for Heart of the Swarm.

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