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If any of you have paid attention recently, Ohana is heavily favored in the TLMC:


But... that's not all. Ohana is wanted by NASL for season 3. They will make their debut announcement this weekend and I have two days to create Ohana RE for them (if I can). They gave me a load of criticisms that I need to basically revamp the map.

If you are interested in seeing me do it, tune in today in 15-20 minutes at http://www.twitch.tv/ironmansc
Cool. RE = Re edited?
Ohana Cloud kingdom and Korhal are my top 3 :D
Cool. RE = Re edited?
Ohana Cloud kingdom and Korhal are my top 3 :D

Maybe Release Edition. *Shrug*.
'What is Ohana?' for 300 please Alex
This may be your path to MVP, IronMan.
BTW, voted for your map. =)
Hi guys! I am done streaming for the day. I am creating Ohana RE for NASL exclusively. The original version will remain the same for ladder (if it gets there) and anything else it's used for. Ohana RE will be only for NASL since they requested a major overhaul of the map.

Watch the vods here!

part 1: www.twitch.tv/ironmansc/b/302684187

part 2: http://www.twitch.tv/ironmansc/b/302692376

Welcome to my cradle!
12/15/2011 12:03 PMPosted by ChewBiscuit
This may be your path to MVP, IronMan.

You think so? ^^
I really hope this map makes it to our ladder pool, its very well done and looks really fun!

Congrats man
Thanks Brian! You are great lol
IM, I haven't gotten to watch any of the replays, but is it correct that the 11 o-clock and 5 o-clock positions are where the spawns are?

Just curious, cuz some people criticized it by saying it looked like Bel-shir beach, but I disagree. The watch towers are configured differently, assuming the spawns are top and bottom, and seems like the towers would help catch run bys easier. Also, they made it a snow map. =(

Hope to play it on ladder! Beach map is sick!
I have decided to stream again for another hour mabye. This is too hefty a project to put off right now. Going live at 2:45pm PST
Streaming again

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