The Dominion (Oneshot)

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The Dominion numbers were rapidly dropping. The Raider's were pushing forward.
The marines loaded into the ship and lost a few more troops as bullets flew past them.
"Fekkin' raiders..."
"How many KIAs?"
"Looks like... 7... seven more lost to those !@#$%^-s."
"Fekk! That makes 23 this past week. 7 more damn letters to families."
The few remaining sat in silence. Then one spoke up, "You think the rumors are true?"
"You know the ones. Raynor used to be buddied up with Mengsk, Mengsk killed an entire pla-
"Because, they could be listening,haven't you heard of the ReSocialization Program."
"No. What is it?"
"They put a microchip in your head, makes you a slave."
"No way, the Military may be tough but their not animals."
"What do you think happened to Lars?"
"The criminal? He went to a camp or something."
"Yea, I saw him a few weeks ago, the bastard offered to buy me lunch."
"What do you think. They ReSocialized him."
"Well if our superiors are so cruel why don't you join Raynor?"
"His little 'raids' for our 'freedom' killed my nephew! He was forced to join the military and he was gunned down like a pig! Hell, the dominion and Raynor are bastards!"
"Don't talk so loud."
"Oh, so your the one telling me to hush?"
"Look man, I doubt he gunned him down with a devilish smile laughing maniacally, he was probably caught in a crossfire or something."
"Fine, Simmons, what do you think."
"Umm, I think I might join him."
"Look, I don't got nothing to lose, not like you guys, with your families you need to provide for, so I would want to do the right thing."
"Ok, well, good for you."
"If wasting away on the Hyperion, dealing with a drunk rebel who think he has a cause, and shooting down your fellow man for the sake of 'freedom' is your thing. I ain't stopping you."
They rode in silence until they got back to base where they received orders that they were to be sent to different posts across the sector.

1 Year Later
Most of the group are dead at the hand of Raids from Raynor's men. Simmons was reported to have been killed trying to recover an Xel'Naga artifact while the base was being heavily overrun by Protoss. The Artifact however was recovered and reports are that his body was inhumanely left there.
This sounds nothing like Amnesia.
There are a lot of artifacts. In Campaign there are at least 5 of them.
It's the campaign mission with the drill people....
Guys, it is about the artifact in the campaign. I spontaneously thought of writing a oneshot from the dominion marines perspective after reading Heaven's Devil's (great read, if you see it in a bookstore I would heavily recommend it) and I really like how it turned out. I wanted to portray Raynor as not being some heroic beacon of light and that the raiders aren't these noble evil fighting heroes, that they are still rebels, and pirates.

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