Hmm, VERY new to SC2...

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So I was wondering, Any tips? I don't mind any race I go random, also I still haven't played online yet, feel like I should practive first, so any tips/ maybe someone to mentor? Also lookin for some cool SC2 buds to play with, atm have no one to play with D:
At the beginning of every matchup, say these things.

As Terran,

As Zerg.

As Protoss,

Saying these will garuntee your victory.
Excuse me, but McDonalds and other assorted fruits/drinks are not sitting well with me.

Depends, what race do you want to play as?

McDonalds for dinner.

And I had G#!**s, an Orange, and... OJ after lunch.


PS: I shall be on shortly.
As soon as I finish the next episode of the biggest fail of an anime ever;
Gurren Lagann.
Honestly, they fail so much it is hilarious. "COMBINE!" *Screws mini robot head on top of big robot*
"SEE! That's how you COMBINE!"
Freaking hilarious.

If anyone wants to see it. There be boobs out there.
I do watch anime, but all the good ones end for good after one season. Recently, I've watched Blue Exorcist and Tiger and Bunny. Both were really good, but both ended for good on episode 25 on the same day....... Two of my favorite animes ended on the SAME episode number on the SAME day
... Gra pe is sensored lol.

@Naits Yeah that sucks. OH! the new Bleach is out today!
No. Bleach is pretty much a filler anime. Just like Naruto, it was good until the end of the first season....
I thought this was about helping a new player, not about anime -_-
P.S. Crazies
Thank you plasmaman, not much of this is helpful in anyway, just saying... and im new I can't beat the computer on insane lol, but srry didnt know where this would go, ill toss it in general discuss
lol most people cant beat insane ..heh I'm bronze but if you want some practice just shoot me a pm when I'm on. (character code is 925 is you didn't notice ^^)

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