Hmm, VERY new to SC2...

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Sorry, was reflecting back on bad times.

Anyway, play through some easy AI to get the basics down, then move up to medium. Ladder, you just play it. Loses won't really matter since there's going to be a lot of games you're going to play
You could always play against me, I am new, I have only won 3 1v1 matches XD Character code is 124
Plasma, I could referee the matches. Help you guys with what you are doing wrong..?

If you two want, Add me, make a party, and Invite me.
12/20/2011 02:01 PMPosted by ace
I made the top 50

I was #1 in my 2v2 bronze league. Then I went off for the weekend, I am now something like 26 with my Friend...
I used to be a ladderer like you
Until I took an arrow to the knee

I have no ladder wins at all. I was put in a practice league somehow........
Yeah... I skipped that...

Oh, and I am snuggling a cute soft puppy :D
It's called a chat room
How could you Referee a match?
I am also looking for friends to play, learn, and practice with (1v1, 2v2, co-op, etc). I would be happy to try mentoring the really new players, too. I was rather active back in season 1, and I was in gold back then. But I dropped off for several months, and now I have no idea how I stack up against others. I want to become more active again and practice, climb the ladder, and have fun playing along with similarly active players.

Panda, HBRB, sixel, and others... I will add you and hope to see you online sometime!
I've never done it, but I know that when playing custom games, a third player (and a fourth, or even more) can be an observer and watch a 1v1 game in progress. It should be just like watching a replay, except observers watch LIVE, so they can't rewind or anything like that.

I think HBRB is talking about observing games and then giving advice about how to improve your play.

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