Shock and Awe

Joeyray's Bar
"Too much...too much is out there..." The man before you says, before passing out on top of the table. You blink, looking around at the bar at the various patrons. They've finally stopped looking at you and went back to whatever it was they were doing. You sigh and return to your drink. "You need help moving him?" A voice behind you speaks. You turn and see a short looking fellow, mid thirties you guess. You shrug and return to your drink. He moves over to the man, shoving him from the chair and taking his place, you look at him. "Name's Alex, work for the-" You stop him, telling him that most people around here don't talk about their jobs. His face reddens slightly and he sits there a moment, as you finish your drink. Finally, he speaks up again. You note some strange looking scars on his bald head. "Oh these?" He asks, pointing to them, "Nothing much, just something I got in the military." It takes you a moment to realize that they're from a surgical procedure. Worried, you ask him what he did in the military. "Fire support," He chuckles a moment, "not the Firebat one of course. Heavy duty, siege tanks, you know?" He turns to the bar and asks for a drink allowing you to see the scars. They are definitely from a brain panning, you decide to keep this to yourself for now though. The man returns to looking at you, a slight grin on his face, "Retired now, currently working for the shipyards until my application to rejoin gets through." You nod, then ask him what he fought in. He pauses, as if in thought, then replies "Not quite sure actually, " He chuckles again, "Though I remember facing off against those UED fellows a while ago." You nod, then ask him to tell you more about it. Alex shrugs, "Alright, it was about four years ago.."
Alex smiled, feeling the deep boom of the cannon push the Arclite back a moment. The spotter, Roger I believe his name was, let out a whoop, "Yeah! Only hit ONE of our marines that time!" Alex chuckled, then called down, "He hurt bad?" Roger shrugged, "Another group, aim a bit to the right." avoiding the question entirely. Our gunner, Luke, took aim, "Got 'em in my sights, the slimy bastards." The cannon let out its roar, and the sound of impact followed not long after. We reset the cannon and pressed forward, running down the zergling carcasses as we passed. "So what do you guy's thinks making them so easy lately?" George asked, looking at the course given. Luke let out a chuckle, "Maybe they realized that they don't like dying so much." Alex laughed, though Roger didn't join in, as a matter of fact, he seemed oddly quiet. "Roger, you alright?" Roger spat onto the ground. "No, there's a problem, a big one."
"Apparently the Dylarian shipyards were assaulted recently, and some 'terrorists' managed to steal a whole heap of battlecruisers. Needless to say, we were called back to Korhal." Alex said, the grin wiped off his face a moment at the thought. He sighed, and took another drink. "I guess we were fortunate to not make it to Korhal, you see, our ship had a small...'problem"...
The ship captain looked at the rifle aimed at him. "No need to make this difficult on any of us now." Came a voice from the woman wielding the rifle. She was tall, mean, and looked like she would tear his head off at the slightest provocation. "Aha-What do you want?!" He asked, worry crossing his face. She grinned, "Simple, I want what's in the cargo hold right now. If you can't do that well." She grinned, an air of menace around her as the rifle made a clicking sound. "Then I guess we'll just have to take your ship then." The group with her chuckled at this a moment as the ship captain gulped. Alex shook his head. He was watching this from the surveillance room, half a cup of terrible coffee and on his third coffin nail. He saw the group laugh as the captain quickly offered them access to anywhere they wanted. "Thanks for the assistance." She slammed the rifle over his head, and he slumped to the floor. "Two of you, keep an eye on him, the rest, fan out, make sure no one finds out we've been on board the ship." One of the group looked to her, "What if they resist boss?" She chuckled a moment, checking the rifle as she walked towards a ventilation shaft. "Blow their brains across the whole !@#$ing ship." Alex gulped.
A soft ringing came from Alex's hip and he withdrew his fone. "This is Alex Bari how may I help you?" He paused, nodded a moment, then closed the fone. "It seems I've been asked to come into the recruitment center, seems they want to say something." He grinned and stood up, "Wish me luck!" Alex left and you finally let out a sigh of relief. Hoping he won't be back, you order another drink for yourself.
nice story so far
It was a pity that he seemed to show up a few days later, another grin on his face. "They wanted to let me know that the paper work was sent through, I'm to expect something from them eventually!" He sits down next to you and orders his own drink. You do your best to ignore him, but he keeps talking. "So anyways, I was on the ship," You mutter angrily to yourself a moment, trying to tune him out as much as possible, "Not really knowing what to do...
Alex quickly shut down the system, then crawled into an air duct beneath the desk. The door swung opened and voices crept from it. "No one in here either Bob!" Alex heard another one sputter a quick curse, "Damn it! Why do all these rooms have to be empty?! I want to blow some faces off!" They argued off down the hall until their voices were little more than echos down the hall. Alex let out his breath finally and crawled out. He suddenly realized how quiet it was on the ship, not even the constant thrum of the engines sounded through the hull.
"I waited for several hours there, unsure of what to do, eventually I got up and took a look at the security feed." He stops and takes a drink from his glass. You sigh, wishing for another drink to come along already so that you could at least drink yourself into a coma. He continues, "So, after a few hours, I figured it was safe enough..
Alex rebooted up the security feeds. He looked towards his half finished coffee, long cold now, and thought about what he was going to do. Most of the forces were in cryo sleep, waiting to get on back to Korhal. He was there just to make sure everything stayed in working condition, especially his tank. Voices came from the security system, interrupting his thoughts. "-hing good, mostly weapons and food." The man on the feed was chewing on a bar. Their leader sighed, "What about the power armor. You know, CMCs..." The man blinked, a brief shudder coursed through him a moment, "They ah...they aren't working." Alex heard the woman cracking her knuckles. "What was that?" Sweat beaded from the man's face as he stammered, " working ma'am. The codes aren't accepting and well..they're sea-" The sound of something cracking is heard as the leader slams her fist into his face. A tooth flies out from his mouth and lands behind a console. "DAMNIT! You know how LONG I've been TRYING to get this DAMN THING to work out like this?!" The man whimpered, crawling backwards. She raised her leg, then stomped down onto his hand. Another crack is heard, this time the man lets out a scream of pain. "Please boss! It's not my fault! It's those codes, they've-" She looked to him and he shut up, another whimper from his throat. The woman sighs, then taps something in her ear, "We're not getting anything from this. Pile out back to the ship and let's get out of here." Alex noted that most of the people in the other screens were beginning to pull out. The man nursed his hand, "What about the captain ma'am.." She glared at him and he shut up, then replied, "Leave him he did what he was supposed to, unlike SOME of us." She walked out, the man followed, holding the arm close. Alex watched the ship take off and start leaving. It was then, that he noticed something shimmering on one of the exterior cameras. He focused onto it, just in time for a battlecruiser to exit the warp stream. He grinned, expecting to-wait...something isn't quite right. He zoomed in onto a strange design on the hull, just in time for the cruiser to open fire on the smaller ship. The smaller ship bubbled under the intense power of the laser batteries, eventually melting under the firepower. Bodies flew from openings in the hull, and the engines began to glow white. Three seconds later, the entire thing was vaporized in to a plasma fireball. Alex grinned, until he finally noticed what the symbol was. Three letters. Three simple, basic, trivial letters. An U, an E, and a D. The ship turned to them and its main cannon began to glow a dull red.
His fone beeped and he muttered something to himself. He answered, "Hello? Who's- Oh hi honey, how're you! No, I'm fine...." you take the opportunity to slip out, maybe he won't notice that you're gone.

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