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This is another Open, mainly player-kept roleplay.

Please choose Terran, Zerg, Protoss.

You are all (Starting base, workers) small squadrons sent by your leaders to harvest a large mineral node on the center of the planet. You are all in your own little base, surrounded by a high rock wall except for a chokepoint near the front. In these bases are a few scarce minerals and a small Vespene Geyser. (Numbercraft!)

I'll start.


Our Hatchery has completed. We begin mining, with no scouts. Our lone Overlord keeps watch at the chokepoint, wary for any threats to the Hatchery.
(50+50=100, 100 minerals, 0+0=0, 0 vespene)

They start the same, except with a Nexus or CC instead of a Hatchery.
(And SCVS / Probes...)
In terms of getting minerals and gas, what time increments are we taling about? IE: How much a worker harvests in 1 minute, 2 minutes etc.
Or are we simplifying it, like for example 1 worker harvests 50 minerals per day/hour/week.
One worker harvests 10 per Round.

Start rather like I did. IE what your people are doing, etc. You star with up to one Heroic unit (You.) Please make it not OP.

A round is the time it takes for a majority/all of our users to make a move.
OOC: Also, map please!

IC: Terran Rebel Force

Looks like we got another mining mission. Tend to get a lot of those these days. No action, no assassinations, just another day where we mine @#$% and use part of it to defend while still trying to get the amount we were hired for, then getting away as fast as our thrusters can carry us.
This is the amount the job calls for:

Minerals: 10,000 Gas: 4,000

Once we set up a barracks I'll be able to get on the field, but for now I sit in a command chair, sliding data-slates on touch-screen monitors, ordering the SCVs to begin harvesting minerals, and having one scv built with our spare 50 minerals.

Round 1 Harvest Count:
Minerals: 50 + 60= 110 Minerals
Gas: 0 + 0= 0 Gas

Round 1 spending
110 - 50= 60 Minerals

Army Roster:

Command Center

6(7) SCVs

()= Round ending count
(Wheel of War)
Faction: Zerg

The overlord landed and seven drones emerged. They landed on several mineral nodes and a vespene geyser and a hatchery was formed soon after. The overlord flown back up to watch any threats. The workers began mining, and a larva was turning into a drone.
Minerals: 50-50=0
Gas: 0+0=0

Minerals: 0+60=70
Gas: 0+0=0



6(7) drones

Am I doing this right? And when do you get a hero?

YOu get a hero when you spawn him. 2x health, stats, etc.

We fade away...

Fog of war.

(A thick cloud of creep covers us.)
Vultureling, give us a damn map.

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