I'm back, and I would like your help :)

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Hey guys, I'm back. I had a very busy school year and wasn't able to keep up some of my stories that I had going on, but I have had more time open up for this next year, and I am excited to start writing again! As I have a couple projects that I have been working on, I would like your help of knowing what you want to hear most, and I will come out with that next. So please let me know what you want to hear!

1. The final revised version of 'Despair,' a story as told from the point of view of an Overlord named Starkad, as his family has a fateful encounter with fiendish Terrans.

2. A revised version of Stettman's Zerg Research Journal, where Stettman logs his findings about the individual Zerg creatures that he has encountered and studied.

3. A new project I have been working on called Stettman's Protoss Research Journal; basically the same as the Zerg one, but with Protoss.

4. Dark as Night, a story told from an assasin Dark Templar, who plays a key role in crippling a Terran outpost.

Those are the projects I'm working on that I'd love to get your feedback on. Let me know which one you would like to be released first, and I'll get it right out for you. :)
Woah those sound interesting can't wait til they're out, I hope you either put #1 or #4 out first though ^^
I think you should number two first. It was really interesting and fun to read. But, I think you should release the one that you're done with first to make it easier on yourself.
Thanks for your input everyone! I'll be releasing Stetmann's Zerg Research log next, as I have finished revising it, but I will be working hard to finish Dark as Night, as that seems to be the most popular. Keep your eyes peeled!
Hey Fluppuple, I just read your thread you were making before it was deleted and I say more power to you! I chose Stetmann to tell my stories because the research he does during the campaign was a very interesting way of showing more insight to the Protoss and Zerg. I hope your Terran analysis goes great, and I look forward to reading :)

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