Fighting games.

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Lets talk about fighting games.
For examples: Street fighter, Marvel vs capcom, DOA, Soul caliber, and Tekken.

Let me just state right off that these things are ridiculous.
because its not really about fighting,
its about memorizing combos that usually 'juggle' another character into the air
and getting them into a position where they cant do anything to abate your beat down on them.
Real fights are more like this ^^^^^
You trade blows

EDIT: did i mention that the control scheme is F***ing stupid?
i just returned street fighter, because it required me to rotate the Movement stick twice to do their best move, all my character did was jump.
MvC3, Dormmamu is a powerhouse if you can use him right.


Dormammu in a nutshell.
and now im getting trolled.
is there anything internet forums are used for?

What im saying is that Fighting games need to evolve to look like real fights.
I partially agree. Some of them suck. The others are good.
I don't like Street fighter, DOA, Tekken or Mortal Combat. I like the rest.
I like games like SSBB tho XD

They aren't entirely about knocking the opponent into the air. Almost all the games have blocks and dodges to avoid them, or counter moves that neutralize them. But then there are also counter moves.
Also, when they fall onto the ground there are very few moves that actually can hurt you before you get up or dodge on the ground.

And also, they are trying to imitate real fights while making them fun to play. Games are developing to make it so you can fight more realistically, but still enjoy it. You still need to remember its just a game :P

The above two didn't really read your posts. Don't take it personally.
Well, if the games were realistic without the crazy combos, then no one would play them. Besides, if it showed real moves, then at some point they're going to get sued by some parent who's kid tried doing those moves and got themselves hurt.
Lets talk about fighting games.
For examples: Street fighter, Marvel vs capcom, DOA, Soul caliber, and Tekken.

That's all I read before I had to go eat, so when I came back, I typed my response off of that.

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