Razer Naga application switching

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Okay, I'm try to setup my naga for app switching on all my games currently. I've got it done for everything except SC2.

Mainly when I go to find where the app is actually running from by clicking open in finder and it is running out of Applications/StarCraft II/Versions and versions is showing as a package instead of a folder and when I am looking for the app the put into the launch selection for the naga it will not let me open versions to select the app.
COPY the app out of the Versions package, like onto your desktop. Then go to the Razer Naga preference pane and select the desktop app (or wherever you copied it to) as the assigned application. Then you can delete the desktop copy and the profile will switch properly when you run SC2.
Hey I was just wondering what exe you used for diablo 3?
helped me with my razer mamba. thanks, onions

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