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this is a collaborative story featuring darkra which is me, flupupple, howbabysrbrn, ace, and zanon.
each person has their own character(s) in this story so please stay tuned because we write big chunks at a time so posts might be a bit slow
She walked down the hallway with tears down her face. Her destination being the injection room. There she found what she was looking for. Inside a vile was a wreathing cell classified as A.N.G.E.L. She remembered what the scientists said “this is A.N.G.E.L, it stands for Automative NPC Elabrotive Leeway. This cell mutates your body allowing rapid regeneration and other powers beyond imagination, but DO NOT inject this cell I repeat DO NOT inject this cell.” she loaded the vile into a medical syringe. “In it went” she thought then blackness....

“GAHHHHHHHHH!!!”. I jolted out of bed my heart pumping, sweat dripping down my face, panting. I was back there again, like every night. Back in that lab...... I looked around my room. It was a beat up little place with posters on the walls. There was a closet on the right, a desk with my laptop to the left and the bed in the middle. I picked up my cellphone, a touchscreen sitting on my little cupboard beside my bed. I dialed the number. “hello?” a soft feminine voice replied “its me zero” I said in annoyance. The soft sweet voice then turned relaxed and carefree “oh its you what do u want” zero grouchily said, “any new jobs?” I asked, “nothing new except you got a call from the dominion she replied puzzled. “send me the number and I’ll call them” I said bitterly. “fine but don’t blame me if you get beat up” she retorted, “now if you’ll excuse me” she said, and hung up. I sighed, I’m a bounty hunter but I have standards. I took out the warpigs single handedly, the devil dogs begged for mercy before me, the dusk wings don’t want to get near me, and even the jackson’s revenge veer off path when I’m coming through. I put on my lightweight nanosteel armor, pulled on my 2 psi hidden blades, sheathed my ninjato in its secret compartment and loaded my double barrel revolver. “another day another bounty” I thought as I put on my black leather jacket and jeans over the armor and strode out the door.

She woke up. The new body felt foreign and unwelcoming as she felt herself from head to toe. A scientist strode in with a C-7 pistol and demanded her to freeze. She took off at super human speed and dug her nails into the man’s neck. Venom poured from them and the body grew pale. She took the pistol. Walking down the cold metal hallway she found a bathroom. entering she looked in the mirror. She had jet black hair, muddy brown eyes, and was a little fat. Suddenly the hair turned blonde, the eyes were sky blue, and her body now had a slender appearance. She was no longer that woman she had taken over, she was... ANGELica.

Man this is all I got right now more coming so stay tuned.
I open my eyes after a long rest. It was another day of testing, of experimentation. I look at my arm, it was a dark purple color, my three fingers open and close. I thought of escaping. Getting out of this torture chamber and living a life in the city just a few walls away.
Then they came.

Men in white lab coats. White as the walls and floor. The approached the large tube that I was floating in. They began to speak, they hadn't figured out that I could understand them yet.
"The subject is experiencing several phenomena as well as some other subjects. we need to see if this subject is experiencing the same thing."
They walk over to some sort of panel, and put an orange fluid into it. soon, the liquid in my tube begins to swirl as the new liquid mingles with the old. I feel the effects of a tranquilizer and fall into darkness.

When I awoke, I heard a voice in my head, it's words were not clear, but it was definitely there. It reminded me of my former queen, the queen who, at least to us, died long ago. I begin to fall back asleep, comforted for the first time in years, but then they came again. They began to type something into the console, and the liquid in my tube started to sink into the ground. Soon I was on the floor of my tube, swaying uncomfortably as I haven't used my legs in quite some time. I hear more typing, and something even better happens.

The tube opens.

They lead me to a large chamber. Several other test subjects are at the other three corners, standing on balconies that overlook a large labyrinth. Suddenly, it looks like it is getting bigger and flatter, but no, our platforms were descending. We were the Lab Rats!

A voice comes up on the speakers.
"Even though we are pretty sure almost none of you can even understand me, I have to say this just because there is a slim chance one of you can. All four of you are going to partake in an experiment, you need to reach the middle and find a syringe, the first one to inject themselves with it will be allowed to leave. Everyone will be picked up once they reach the middle. Oh, and watch out for any feral Zerg in there. Ever since Kerrigan was de-infested they've been a little... bloodthirsty... Have fun and we will await your test scores."
Is this RP considered 'closed'?
Pretty much, I think they are making a story, and not calling it a rp although it seems very similar.
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I begin my search for the syringe. I realize there is no reason that we couldn't merely go over the walls. I guess the terrans only thought of us as savage beasts. I rub my hand against the wall, and feel it slide down easily. I begin to think of the science of avian creatures. I hear a sucking sound as my bones become hollow and lightweight cartilage. I feel two little nubs on my back grow and pop until the bone structure of two wings stick out of my back. Soon after I had generated enough skin to overlap the bones and finish my wings. I store the changes in a special part of my mind, to recall them nearly instantly.

I stretch my new limbs, and round a corner. A hungry zergling looks at me expectantly. My arm slowly morphs into a large lightweight blade, and it slices the zergling in two. After several minutes of wandering, I find what I was looking for; a long straight hallway with an open top. I begin to run down it, then give my wings their first flap. I soar out into the open. I take in the massive structure around me, divided into four sections. I see the other test subjects, two terrans and a Protoss. One of the Terrans was stuck in between two mobs of hungry Zerglings, charging at him. He smashes several of them with his fists alone, as he is a large man. It wasn't long before he was submerged and not seen again. I look over at the other Terran, a woman, this time. She looked very scared, and she wore a white lab coat. She looks up at me, and her eyes widen. She begins to run through the enclosed section of her course. The Protoss had done the same. I begin to search for the center of the maze...
That strange man in a suit of some kind... She seamed to be attracted to him somehow. Is this what they call love? She quickly erased the thought from her mind, escape must be accomplished first before dwelling on the questions lingering in her mind. The C-7 pistol was in one of her lab pockets. She was ready for any alarm or attack. Then she heard the announcement. “All systems lock INTRUDER ALERT!!! INTRUDER ALERT!!!” The hallway was suddenly bathed in hostile red light. Sturdy metal doors clicked and cranked from rust and lack of use as they sealed her salvation from reach. ANGELica seethed with rage. “why can’t they just let me go!!!” she thought. Then her flesh twisted and turned until a giant mass of bone and muscle replaced her arm. She grinned and swung, the door buckled and dented under the pressure. A few more swings a giant hole opened up, she elegantly stepped through while her flesh fist dragged along behind.

I was standing inside an old broken phone booth. It smelled of old gum and rotten food, but it was the only operational one around. An auto voice message took over and put me on hold. I looked through the old foggy glass. This was New Necropolis and is called that for a reason. Prostitutes filled the streets, drug dealers in every alley, mafia dominated the streets, and no business in this god forsaken place is every clean. The city was a place of no happiness, everyone looked down, hunched over afraid to make eye contact. Almost all of them is addicted to some kind of drug whether it was marawhana, !@#$%^-, crack, you name it and someone’s got it in their veins. This was to me bounty heaven. If there was anywhere where the biggest baddest crooks hide its here. I looked down the street, a police official strode down with confident strides, a bunch of baddies wearing clown masks came up behind him and before you know it there was a pool of blood and a heap of government enforcer bullsh*t there on the floor. Never to be buried. The phone in my ear buzzed to life again and a secretary answered.” I hear you have a job for me” I said.

“Man, Dark is such a kid on the inside” I thought as the bubble I blew was gone with a satisfying pop. Jeeze ever since him and I escaped from the lab its bounty this money that. I wonder is he ever thinks one day he’ll be the one lying on the floor with a bullet in his head. Not only that....”wait why am I worrying about him” I wondered. The image of his face came into my mind again. Finding myself mesmerized I snap out of it. I’ve been having these weird thoughts a lot lately...

All I have again so hope you like it.
dude she is not injured nor can she be
no, ace shot a ghost who was going to shoot her.
I think he meant the overlarge hand.
The secretary patched me to another line and here I waited. “hello” said a familiar voice. “Dr.Xavier if I was there I swear I would break your neck” I roared, “look Dark I know you hate me but I will pay any sum to get this job done” pleaded the doctor. “I wouldn’t do it for a million you b*tch!!!” I said, “2 million then” concluded the doctor. “fine” I relented unhappily. I needed that money, my armor needed maintenance and having dominion engineers repair it for a wanted criminal isn’t cheep.”so um we were doing a few tests on who they call themselves the Da Vinci sisters, and I think we pushed it a bit so now they escaped. They have set up a gang and are hiding at the old casino” said Xavier. “get the money into my account” I grumbled “bu-” before he could complain I hung up. “lets get this over with” I thought.

She reverted her arm to normal as the officer from before drew close. “please help me, they kept me imprisoned here and I want to go home” she said in an innocent tone. Getting close so her breasts pressed against the officer’s chest. “um sh-shure” he stuttered. She stopped at the woman’s locker room and asked to change, the officer agreed. Any would do ANGELica thought but for some reason she decided to mix and match. She chose jeans with a white T-shirt with a light brown trench coat over it. He then led me through the many corridors and opened the back exit. Before he could react ANGELica kissed the officer on the lips. She was actually duplicating all of his knowledge into her own mind. She also injected not a poison but a tranquilizer that left him on the floor unconscious. She sped out the door, a blur in the hot desert plains towards the city in the distance... New Necropolis.

I stood on the roof of a run down building. Right across from it was the casino. I took my revolver and pressed the button on its handle, the double barrels were on top of each other, the top one began to extend. I attached a mid section piece, a scope rose from its top, and then the rife butt. Soon a jet black modded Guass sniper rifle were in my grasp. I took a look with my x-ray setting and got a good layout of the place. Took out the guards undetected and strode right in. Immediately thousands of thugs surrounded me in a tight circle, I grinned.

Look at this guy!!! Thinking he can walk in to our terf like that. I’m gonna carve him up so bad!!! What the f*ck is he grinning, thats it!!!! I took my pocketknife and lunged at him.

Sry about the wait, I’m rly busy on weekdays
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