Does the insane AI cheat or no?

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01/18/2012 06:02 AMPosted by Whiplashr
No, they just get bonus mins and gas as if they were mining from a gold expansion... with golden gas. and they get even more for gold. And as with all AI, they have map hacks. other than that, no they don't cheat at all.

Other than that? That all fits the definition of "cheating" in that it's a blatant advantage the computer has that the player does not.

What a weird way for you to put it.

Yes, other than that. Their units could have double the normal amount of health too, but they do not. They could have lowered build times as well, but (to my knowledge) they do not.
Insane AI cheats more than humans
i can still beat them 1v1
Does insane AI get even more mins at gold expansions too? If so, the person that suggested every base should be gold minerals is not going to help at all. :P

(Too lazy to even find the person that suggested this but its somewhere in this thread)
Insane AI also has something like 1200-1600 apm during a battle.
I wouldn't be surprised if they had reduced build times. I tried to take an SCV to their base to cannon rush them on Agria Valley, but they already had about 10 Marauders and 2 barracks with a third on the way by the time I even got to their base.
level 9s are easy to beat. i have always been a Link main but in brawl i played op meta knight and in tbis one im playing yoshi, characters that are broken
thanks for that clarification about cheating ai having more mins,
i was wonderingg why i couldnt possibly proxy versus it. i like to proxy bunkers... nope lol

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