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thanks for letting me know blizzard.
It's like playing poker with your hand face up, then getting mad when your opponent looks at what you have.

You have a policy in your TOS that says you can ban someone or give them a warning for any reason.

So why choose not to use it? Why give people like Deezer a stamp of approval to keep doing what they're doing?

Does Blizzard even realize that popular streams help to promote and maintain interest in Starcraft 2? Why on earth would you not want to protect that outlet?

I think it's extremely disappointing that you're taking this stance.

Deezer has been given a temp-ban. And OP has already stated it requires too much to manage every single person in the world that chooses to stream.
awww no reply from Deezer or BenDover
He said what everyone at a 4th grade level could have thought of..............
You could not make the feature viable for GMs. On the other hand, GMs are the main people who stream. I like the idea of not being able to play the same player twice in a row. The code shouldn't be that hard to implement should it?
A few more points -

Even if this could be considered a violation,

It can be considered a violation. Your TOS says you can ban someone for any reason. If you decided you wanted to ban chronic stream snipers, you absolutely could based on how your TOS is currently written.

we simply cannot micro-manage every streamed match to ensure the opponent was not looking at it, or using it to their advantage. It goes far beyond the scope of what we’re able to enforce.

No sane person has ever asked for you to constantly micro manage streams and ban any person who stream snipes.

What reasonable people have requested is that you ban the small number of chronic stream snipers. AKA - People like Deezer who have constantly stream sniped over a period of many months and who openly flaunt what they're doing.

It is not beyond the scope of what you could enforce to ban the tiny handful of individuals who have basically made an e-career out of stream sniping.

In the case of Deezer, there is a mountain of evidence against him, and it would take little effort to finally rid the community of him. Or at least ban his main account and force him to give you 60 more dollars if he wants his name back.

It’s advisable for those streaming to take precautions, including delaying their streams by a significant amount of time, to avoid any potential advantage they may be providing their opponent.

This suggestion is somewhat reasonable. However, viewer-interaction is a major part of many people's streams, and long delays take that out of the equation. I think it's ridiculous that every single person who wishes to stream should have to add a delay and lower the quality of their stream when Blizzard could easily solve the problem by banning the small number of chronic stream cheaters.

Streamers voluntarily open their games to others and, further, voluntarily open them completely publicly. Streaming is the exact equivalent of opening a public forum thread, posting who you are playing and what you intend to do on a second by second basis, assuming you could type that fast. There is nothing wrong with your opponent coming onto that thread and reading what you've written. This is not against the rules at all, so in the first place, you cannot ban anyone for doing it, no matter how "chronic" their actions are because their actions are not violations.
Does anyone care about FFA either? where 3v1? or 2v1v1?
This is such a non-issue I can't believe the amount of whining going on here.

The number of people who stream their games is a tiny, tiny fraction of the population. The number of people who stream and have their opponents watch their stream is probably count-able on one hand.

There is no way to ban Deezer or anyone else who cheats off a stream without opening up a massive can of worms - Blizzard can't just go banning someone from the game that person paid for because people decide to give away their strategy in real time over a stream. They can't go banning people because some thread full of rage calls for their blood.

Yes Blizzard can technically ban anyone for any reason, but that clause is there to be used in extreme circumstances that the language of the TOS may have somehow missed,NOT to be used as some instrument of mob justice.

If you stream, put a delay on the stream. If you want to be 100% in real time, then suck it up and accept that people might troll you.
01/19/2012 12:05 PMPosted by Phlaw
If a player runs across someone who does something especially rude in a game, why not give them the ability to bypass that player for future matches?

You mean like a cannon rush or dropping rines into your base? Sorry, but perfectly legal gameplay even if it's "rude".
totally with Blizzard on this one. Nobody is requiring you to stream your matches and if you don't like the idea of someone taking the advantage of it then you shouldn't be streaming. Only other solution is to delay your stream like alot of the pros do.

Also it's a game, someone has to go through some effort to stream hack. I guess some people need it.
01/19/2012 08:42 PMPosted by SunTzu
Delays can prevent cheating not sniping. Stream sniping is really misnamed you don't even need to stream to have it happen to you. Players can add you to their friend list, and as soon as their target hits find match their status will change and the sniper can also hit find match at the same time. This will let them match against their target over and over and over again in a row as long as they have similar rating, which seems like something blizzard could do something about because there is nothing players can do to prevent it.
Black out your screen until you've entered the match. Viewers really don't care about watching someone wander the bnet menus.
"you don't even need to stream to have it happen to you." so blacking out your stream would do nothing.
and what about Blizzard dota? If someone in our team live streaming, what will you do?
I see their point, there's no way to police this behavior, so why should they make promises to "do something" about it when they'd just be lying?

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