“Stream Sniping” and Customer Service Policy

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04/16/2012 10:44 PMPosted by Intel
Areyou allowed to post about hackers in the forums?

Yes, but it's an ineffective way to get them to do anything about them. That's why there's a reporting system.

Also, you never get to know what action, if any, was taken. It's not very satisfying. You never get a "we wtfbanned that mofo for what he did to you" email. Just... silence.
Helllo Starcraft world. I have a feeling blizzard likes stream snipers because of the gross amount of attention they give to the title. They say streamers should delay the video by some amount of time, but I personally spend a lot of time watching many streams, and I must say the best part about it is the interaction with the player/caster/analyst - which is something lost if this is done. It is such an easy solution and somehow either no one has thought of it or no one at blizzard cares. All that needs to be done is not have the icon that alerts friends that a player is searching for a 1v1 match. You can just alert them when the game starts loading... no need to alert people to the fact that i'm in a 15 second search bubble - unless that is you WANT stream snipers... as it is the only thing that really come out of this. Why this fixes the problem is because streamers can hide their computer screen and search a 1v1 match a random amount of time after the matches. HERE is your free easy solution blizzard.. no need to pay me, but you can hire me and plz do fix this silliness. I mean come on. Best Regards, SAG.

PS: Sorry for being negative towards blizzard; you guys are truly amazing over there. <3
To be honest, right now i'm way more concerned about the increasing number of hackers in ladder games 1v1 at high level of play (high masters and GM) than in stream sniping. As a lot of people said, the answer to the problem of stream sniping is to just delay the stream. Though, right now I believe there is a lot of people using stream sniping as an excuse to cover for their hacks. The banning system is also flawed, some people are currently known of the community for hacking, some admitted to it, and other just have plenty of obvious replays against them. Yet, nothing has been done in weeks to even ban them. I'm worried that sc2 will turn out as wc3 soon....

PS: Any place to post the replays of obvious hackers and have a community data base of it? Because, blizzard obviously won't do anything about them for a while, might as well warn the community about who they might encounter.
I was once accused of using cheat codes when I a-moved my death ball (after 25 minutes of play) to crush a one base terran that had maybe 30 supply in army.

good times
can we just call this the destinoob rule?? we all know where this rule originated.
How do people even stream snipe outside of GM?

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