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Anyone ever played that tower defense game from that flash game site? Made a TD based off that concept!

The map has pre-placed towers, and the player decides what kind of towers to build. There are 4 main types of towers. The most important tower is the barrack which produces troops to block enemy path. Artillery tower does aoe damage. Range towers are great against magical enemies and mage towers are great against armored enemies.

Instead of one map for the entire game, there are different maps and after defeating each map, players move on to the next map. Each map has different paths and different choke points.

But in this sc2 version, there is actual co-op! Unlike other TDs where each player kinda play solo in their own zones, here all the towers are bunched together so players defend the same lane at the same spot. Because all towers are pre-placed, there won't be players rushing to good spots and blocking out others. The ideas is for players to support each other...assuming you can find others to play with. :)

For replay value, all monster waves are randomly generated. Players also earn achievement points which lets player upgrade. The upgrade is similar to the Kingdom Rush upgrade system, except there are now tier 4 towers to unlock.

Tier 4 towers are fun! Each tier 4 is pretty unique and has very unusal abilities. The tier 4 units are the most proudest aspect of this map.

This map is still a work in progress, but up to 5 levels are implemented so far. Its not meant as a solo game, but probably will add cheat codes later to allow solo players to win. The first 3 levels can be soloed with easy button pressed though. But later levels will be harder.

Anyways, I wasn't going to bother the community with yet another new map thread nobody cares about, but I'm just too excited. :)
Good luck getting people to care about a TD these days. I'm not being sarcastic either, if it's not a mindless pile of crap no one wants to play it. Even if you make the most engaging game play ever, the average user won't be able to figure it out and will just fail horribly. Look at Red Circle TD, it's literally about making 1 tower and upgrading it to infinity and it's one of the top TDs.

This is about 2 months of personal experience talking after hundreds of hours trying to get people to play a TD with more depth than a kiddie pool.

That being said, hit me up when you get it in a playable state, I would love to see it.
Yup, I'm pretty sure nobody will be playing my map. Might get a couple dozen bookmarks and hours, that's it. Or as with most of my maps, 2-3 bookmarks and 0 hours. So most likely, i'll abandon this map before I put in all of my ideas for it.

On the other hand, I'm ready to start on Starcruisers II! Some of you might have heard that little map. And after learning how to put in custom models, I'm so ready to try to make real looking ships! Starcruisers II is still on the drawing board stage, so don't expect anything soon.

Wow, beginning from yesterday, the map has climbed the popularity meter pretty fast. Its now at the 300 hours mark, thus declaring this map a success!

Early thank-yous goto Crawler, Irunovercrows, and xXDrXx. They got people to play and thus, I was actually able to play a few games online with PEOPLE! That help a lot in tweaking the levels to make them fun, otherwise I was going to put this map on shelf and never touch it again. The last revision seem just about right. It seems hard enough but people can beat it if they persist and change strategy.

Now that it is a success (in my mind), I may continue to update it and implement the next set of levels and perhaps a new tower type. Or if it drops off in popularity, I might go on with the Starcruisers II project which is what i really want to do!
Nice job getting a map up the popularity ladder!
I'll play a game or two of this later and let you know what I think. :)
Too bad some levels are practacally impossible. Got units that had 1500 hps sent at me and we couldn't even kill one.
This was a good map. My friends and I have been playing it quite a bit since around version 0.2x.

However, the recent mob changes are really bad. The ultralisks have way too much HP, and the speedy mobs that "dodge" units are extremely frustrating because it messes up EVERYTHING. Unless those two things are fixed I'm pretty sure my group's going to stop playing this =|
Ah yeah, i found the dodge units too annoying too. :P But they are suppose to be different, and they weren't before. The dodge duration is lowered now and they were suppose to be easier to kill. Their hp is reduced.

The ultralisks were wet paper bags before. They died so fast. All units have way more health because the map were super easy. On the other hand, I do have 30+ stars, and so I guess the levels are easy if people have 30+ stars and too hard if they start with 0.

I only played a few games and the balance seem just about right. But I haven't really played stage 6 that much, so I don't know if that level is beatable or not. Last game I played it was pretty easy till a certain wave when they just blew through all defenses. So I'm wondering if people have beaten stage 6 with the 2-11-2012 update..

Easy mode now appear if people restart a level with 5 player game.
I may be an idiot but I seriously can't figure out how to upgrade the different tiers of towers :\ if you could tell me tht would be sweet lol.
That's a #1 asked question. :( People always ask how they can't upgrade to t4 towers that need mastery unlocks.

You have to climb a global upgrade tree to the top and unlock a mastery to use t4 towers.
Hey OrangeBlue congrats :) That makes 2 of us to hit 300 hours now :)

Hit me up and I'll help you debug and balance a bit :)
OK I just got out of a game where we made it to the map where you guard the gate. Pretty intense.. we tried it 4 times and then gave up lol. I think you need a premade group and everyone focus on 1 type of tower to be able to make it past that level :o. Pubs I dont think have a chance.
Pretty fun little TD, only made it to level 3 or 4 due to everyone leaving after the first loss for whatever reason. I liked the fact that it was semi challenging.. Or maybe I just sucked at it. Either way most TD's I tend to get to the end or beat them on the first try.. Which isn't very exciting, so the difficulty is a breath of fresh air.
Hey I beat everything you have done so far, beat the entire game, got a bunch of achievements and Idk how close I am to maxed stars. But after putting lots of hours into this I must say it is super addictive. A few recommendations thought, the first few levels suck as a experienced player they are so boring. It is difficult to start at medium as you don't have the gold buildup from previous levels, it is do able as I can duo the entire game. But with beginners starting on medium can be difficult. The last level is a little to difficult for most I would say, I took me around 8 trys to beat it. And it relys heavily on how good your team is. I think range is under powered, artillery is over powered, thors fully upped are also over powered. Militia is very strong early but almost useless later. I noticed some spawning flaws, such as on the final medium level if you replay sometimes barriers do not re spawn. It would be nice if an achievement system was implemented so the players can see their achievements and what else they need to do to get more stars. The gold system could have a little better return when changing gold to minerals for those clutch situations if the harder levels you make truly are harder. But anyway I can't wait for your updates and your future levels. Hit me up I'd be more than willing to play a game with the creator =p
Oh one last glitch, partys cant join kingdom rush so when I play with friends we all have to say ready set join now! and hope for the best

Also what is max stars? I have 32, wondering if that makes me one of the first veterans of the game? =p
First, the map has split! I'm seeing TWO Kingdom Rush in up&coming tab taking over #1 and #2 slot. :P

Its just a meaningless glitch, but fun to see. About the not able to join as group glitch, anyone know how to fix it? The last update just put the game varient to default - that might fix it? Dunno.. But if it doesn't work, you have to manually 'create' a lobby instead of 'join' one for party to work.

You can see your achievement status by going to help menu.
kk thanks, looks like im 1 achievement from beating everything=p any idea how long till you release hard mode?
just saw you updated the gold to mineral and mineral to gold ratio, very nice. It should help with balancing the later level as people will have more to work with.

edit: just did the last level with new gold update, went into it with 1k gold used to go into it with around 600-700. Made it much easier

would be nice if you gave people who start on medium somehwere around 400 gold or so to keep it even. allows every to skip easy
Hey anyone who reads this forum and is good add me, I'm looking to do premades. Trying to do all the achievements.
Hi, just like to report that I have completed the map with two other 30+ star players for the current version. You really need the stars and the money upgrades to be able to do well. You roughly need about 25 and must start on easy mode. This is in my experience anyways.
I have just 39 stars at the time of writing this up.

Just my thoughts about your map.

1. Barracks and way points, just like the flash version. This would help so much.
2. Waves spawn sometime bugs up causing weird behaviour. This usually occurs at the end/start of the each level. I had a game where ultralisk spawned at level one. The map was the big circle one in the easy mode.
3. Forcing a player to take interest upgrades is kinda stupid. It just means that the total gold required to beat a level is a tad high. You might want to try make player use gold effective rather than throw money at the problem. But I understand this can be a difficult thing to figure out.
4. Location of tower available is limit to certain players. This is kind of annoying when someone who is speced for barrack can't have the optimal position. Maybe have tower in a neutral state and anyone can take it, then limit players to only picking one netural tower per region. Just a suggestion.
5. Missile towers are kinda overpowered. Guess you are still working balancing the towers.

Some question of future updates

1. Are we going to have challenge mode similar to the flash version?
2. Can we have a level select screen? This would make it more fun as we can repeat levels to perfect them. The restart feature is pretty cool. But then this would break the bank system.
3. Armour doesn't seem to really matter atm. Will you change it to be similar to the flash version?
4. Can we have a speed up option similar to that being used in gem td? I guess i ask this because the first few levels are kinda slow when you get use to the game.
5. Add a mirror map so that 12 players can play at the same time? By this I mean, 6 players on the left side, and the other 6 on the right side. I always enjoy playing with more people.

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