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I'm usually free on Sat from like 10-12. And on Thur most all day til about 8. So I'd be up for arranging a game then. I'm usually in the lobby when i'm on.
This is a great game we need to revive it some how i bet if it got on the begining pages it will get played and loved a ton. I miss the game and want to play but no one plays it anymore
me n my bros will play it likely but we need more im dillonkillin bros are djkwdb n warrior
Just added in twilight mode. It changes the game a little, instead of spawning a set of mobs that's the same regardless of players, it now spawns one mob per player based on their ranks. Higher ranks will spawn harder mobs.

The new mode is suppose to be harder and require enough players with enough ranks to activate it. Or if a single player with high rank, it'll also activate it.

Basically, Peacedale and Icedale were made for much lower level players. The way the maps were made, newbies end up doing nothing in those maps. That was a huge problem. So this new mode activates if players are high enough rank.

A few more polish had been added too. The economy had been changed. Instead of relying on interest for extra money, interest had been lowered. Two new econ towers will take over the econ duty. The new econ towers were incredibly fun to do, I totally love the new econ mechanics.

That's it, its a small update. The new changes probably require some balancing, and if 1.5 works, maybe i'll be able to play to balance. :)
Me and my gf, wolflord used to play this all the time. We are looking for more people to play this with, but no one is ever avaliable to. If anyone wants to play this and needs more people, there are two more players out here waiting for yall. Please let us know. We want to restore this game to page 1 of popularity!!!!

player code 749
im starting to play it again bc more people r playing n my rank was reset n i had over 40 stars
ill play with u techshredder
my lvl keeps getting reset i think its a great game but if my lvl resets every time it becomes stupid
how weird, no idea why your level would get reset. Anyone else have their levels reset? Were you playing campaign mode or challenge mode?
campaign n my bros lvl was reset
lvl was reset again
When you said your level is reset, do you mean all your achievements are reset to 0 stars? There's actually two types of stars. Achievement stars are saved and based on achievements. But you also gain stars for completing map levels. Those are not saved. High ranking players can also grant additional temporarily stars.
the stars were reset to zero
Glad you continue to make update ! It seems with the new arcade mode it don't take too long to start a game ! I started playing when m.dale wasnt out and I can see this map has improved a lot, now I just wish more updates are comming, I wanna do something with me 500+ twilight points. One, or maybe the best TD I ever played ( including wc3) and I hope you find patience or time to finish it ! There's also a bug with the twlight achievements stuck at 2/3.

Great work!
Don't know why your stars are getting reset to 0 dillon. Since no one else seem to be having this problem, its probably the bank file on your computer. Either the bank file isn't getting saved, or the bank file is corrupted somehow.

Probably not going to add monster vale until HOTS come out just to see what new stuffs are available.

Also great news! Finally figured out how to replicate the original gameplay where one soldier only blocks one monster a time. Had wanted that aspect of gameplay since the beginning. A single thor can pretty much block an entire army of monsters, which is why the towers are weak. But the gameplay isn't as fun since the towers don't seem be doing much.

This is pretty exciting change, but this also means redoing all the monsters and level triggers too..
Orangeblue, huge fan of this TD. I played it quite a bit when it fist came out. And have since come back as it is one of the most challenging TDs out there. I have completed everything that you have in the game thus far, as have several others. As for your decision about not to release monster vale till after HOTS drops well that does not make a fan happy =( not due to you wanting to see what new things you can add to the game but because who knows when HOTS will drop.... And after current content being a very addictive and intense game, monster vale, well i can only imagine.... good work, and thanks for the game. Plus when HOTS drops you could always Kingdom Rush 2.... >=)
Oops, seems the latest change to the map broke a lot of things.

Anyways, a newer version called 'Kingdom Rush classic' has been uploaded. Its not new, its actually the older version right before the big changes. The classic version won't be updated ever though, but its there.
when can we expect to have the new map back and running without the crashes and "stuck" at end of certain levels? I really love your map and played it since it came out....EVEN SOLO....cant wait for a challenge(hopefully for solo mode) and to finish the new achievements and before hand, thank you for the effort you put into this....dont give it up!!!!
I have to say orangblue I've loved this map from the very beginning. Once you've actually beaten a few levels and gain some stars it gets really good. It's brutal for beginners, but i understand that cant be helped to keep vets interested. I like what you've done with challenge mode it's great for solo play.

I read earlier in the thread about the way you've tweaked the game to match difficulty to player level, but its become a real pain on peacedale 2. it takes 50 mins minimum to complete the level. It's spawning up to 300 creeps per type per wave. Its too much. New players just end up leaving and moving on to something faster and honestly I'm bored of grinding Mutas as they spawn for 20 mins.

There's also a problem on peacedale 3 where if your left with an odd number of archons when they go to morph they dont and you end up with an invincible unit that ruins the game.

Those are the only problems I've encountered and overall its still a great game.

Love order 66 btw. Thought it was a nice touch. Took me 4 plus hours to beat the game. though an hour of that was cause of the peacedale 2 spawns.

I cant wait to find out what the secret points are for.

Again I love your map and hope to see a new update soon

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