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tried that, it wouldn't even let me log into = / guess I gotta search to see if anything like this has happened for other maps/people
I had been in a game during your update if that matters. My game had reapers at the start of Icedale still, after that game I was unable to see/join the map and deleting the cache just makes it impossible to log in *even though it creates a new cache* I might have to wait till you upload a newer version to see if it sorts itself out otherwise I can't play = /
The maps !@#$ed as of right now, Getting ultras early spawns, The maps are ending after 1 wave, Units are spawning behind the exit and causing instant leaks, Its bad. And my Militia flees when placed even REMOTELY near the entrance, Placed militia right next to barracks, And they still flee. >.< Its sad really, I used to love this map.
So a few more notes

Peacedale 3 is still ending early and sending a random spawn at the beginning, usually ultras, which then causes Icedale 1 to spam spawns and occasionally causes the the glitch where units spawn behind the exit.

I noticed that while using melee when I got dark Templar's I couldn't put anything into it's double hit ability, stated not enough charges, which then made the other ability useless because you have to have rank 1 of double hit to activate it.

I really like that you put in the militia flee, but it needs some tweaks desperately, the flee zones are entirely too big and the flee distance is too long.

There is a glitch that at the end of the Peacedale campaign you can bank all of your minerals while at the campaign select screen.

Would still like to see something done in regards to the Thor's and their upgrades not taking effect until they die and respawn. Just knowing if its intentional wold be nice.

That's all i got right now. Still love the game, hope to see it hit the front page. Any idea when the M.dale campaign will be ready??

When the map glitches with weird spawns and maps ending in wave 1, did you guys use level restart?
You don't get the chance to restart when it ends on wave one. The pop up that says you've beaten the lvl shows up and it goes to the campaign screen. On the Icedale 1 map, yes the one time I had the spawn behind exit glitch we used restart and it was fine. Worked with no problems. Most other times the team has managed to win even though it glitched. Though I usually play with premade high lvl teams. I can say for sure that everytime its glitched on Peacedale 3 its also glitched on Icedale 1, and if it didn't glitch on Peacedale 3 then it didn't glitch on Icedale 1, as far as I've seen. The only glitches of that type I've seen are on Peacedale 3 and Icedale 1.
well, dunno why it would glitch in peacedale 3...guess i'll have to download that replay and see why. If you can, put one up in one of those free sites and i'll take a look.
Just updating about that map display error. Now that a new version is out you can select it *its even the same as the one i'd bookmarked* but one of the doubles is still ..., something mustve been wrong with my looking up that map. works great now
Cool, that's weird, deleting the cache should have just erased all maps and info and fix it...

On the other, finally spotted a bug that might cause the ultra spawn in peacedale 3 and cause the game to end in 1 wave! Did you guys happen to kill the last wave in peacedale 2 really fast? If so, there's a bug that actually cause it to run wave 11 which is the ultra wave and the game thinks the last wave just spawned. That's why it ends after 1 wave.

I'll test it a bit and upload the fix.
In my experiences that bug happens sometimes even while speedkilling everytime, since the militia fix I havn't been killing them as fast *no more militia at the door 1shotting mutas* but before hand we mowed them and it only bugged sometimes. I've noticed I can't bank at all during the 3rd peacedale level anymore though. I swear I could at the start but not even halfway through I found it to be greyed. I was solo so wouldn't be able to report if it had been a personal bug.

Btw new statues rock, easy to read stats and everthing. Is there suppose to be a marine statue on every level you beat during hard?
I'll see about getting you the replays. If you can give me a link to a site i can put them there. I've never posted replays before.
That bug should be fixed now. It shouldn't happen anymore, it was a harmless error really except in certain cases where you can kill stuffs as they spawn in last wave. That really only happens between peacedale 2->3.
Would it be possible for global upgrades to increase unit health or something too? barracks don't really deal dmg and if they do its only while they are alive, which isnt very long lol. I think it'd help out whoever had to rax the whole game greatly
Edit: and on that note the rolling for prizes in hard is trivialized on the final level by killcounts being added to the roll. I can spec everything into survival and not get any kills but cause victory through overall team effort and still be ineligable *realisticly* for prizes.
Orangeblue, question about Starcruisers: How do you attach units to each other, with each being individually selectable yet move together? I've been trying to figure this out but don't know where to look. Know of a tutorial or something?

I tried Kingdom Rush but the other people chose easy, and easy TDs aren't my thing. The environments were pretty cool though.
Love the game, I would guess I have played it as much as anyone, I am at 64 stars now, and I can't wait for new levels!

One suggestion I would make would be to also limit the tech levels of the "spells" such as militia and airstrikes in early levels. These spells being at 100% make these levels very trivial and make towers useless. Also, for new players in these levels can seem to feel like they are not doing anything when they are playing with people who have played before because everyone just spams militia and airstrikes and the new players can't do that so they feel left out and get frustrated.

Also if you are going to make any changes to the challenge mode, i did manage to beat it but only by myself with the cheat, and that was just barely. It was harder playing with my friend who has also played quite a bit. I would suggest raising the tech levels a little bit sooner.

Overall, I love the game and I cant wait for new levels, and if anyone out there with 40+ stars wants to get together and try and beat the last level on hard mode hit me up. ^_^
We actually beat the hard icedale level a few times, make sure to go to chat channel "Kingdom Rush" from time to time for people to play with and @ Hubris that easy option is voted on by everyone in game. You could simply just replay the game with others who do normal, or even hard
Kindom Rush TD is now on the front page!

Got 59 stars now. Sad to see no Metaldale :( hope its added soon.
Here's a link to do unit attachements with triggers.

About 100% spells in early levels, yeah this game probably do turn away a lot of new players because they don't really do much. Played a lot of games where newbies would leave left and right in stage 1 and 2 because people with stars just hog up all the game. :) And it would be more balanced since high level people can't use their t4 towers early on. But 100% spells do make high level players more impressive. And it helps clear levels faster... so dunno...

challenge mode has been rebalanced, but haven't played with the latest revision. Its actually a lot easier with more people. Its was easier solo because you can use cheat. But with more people, there's more minerals from all the share income. Challenge mode isn't really finished atm.

lastly, wow the game has reached 3000 hours! I was sure it was going to go down because it stopped rising around 2.6k hours, but then it started to go up again.

..yeah M.Dale is going to take awhile to finish. Have BIG plans for the 3rd campaign! As for rolling for prizes, shrugs... helping others get their carrots and hockey sticks should be reward enough as a tank. :)
In that case, are cetain maps always supposed to award certain prizes? I've noticed all the icedale maps can award a baseball bat while icedale 2 and 3 have a chance to award golf club and hockey stick respectivly
Apparently the baseball bat do appear a lot in icedale, it just turned out that way! Another big reason new levels are going slowly is because I'm working by osmosis. Basically instead of finishing up the levels all at once and doing it quickly in one quick rush, I'm working on it bit by bit. But as I work on it slowly, new ideas seep in. The details of each level become more clear. That's why its going slowly because I'm letting new ideas come day by day. Technically speaking, new levels could be finished in a day or two, but it would be pretty barren and uninteresting.
Love the game, been playing it almost non-stop the past few days, but I've found a few balance problems in my 20 or so games.

First off the spells, airstrike and militia are both good, the other two however could use some love.

For lightning it's good for sniping the mineral cow and ultralisks but it's nowhere near as useful as the first two. I think it would be cool to turn it into more of an AA spell, have it keep it's single target damage but also have it spawn a thundercloud which damages air units inside of it. This would help a lot with reapers that are really hard to deal with on hard mode.

Then the divine spell, overall i like the spell idea but it's really lacking in power, at best it'll be active for 2 shots on the slower firing towers. Also it doesn't seem to benefit at all from increasing its level. My proposed fix would be to change the cooldown to 60 seconds and have the base duration be 15 seconds, and have it go up my 15 seconds each level. So with enough micro you could keep a group of towers permanently buffed. It still probably wouldn't equal the raw damage of an airstrike or the utility of militia but I could see mage players love it to charge their towers faster.

As for the towers, ranged needs some love, badly. The best damage I've ever gotten from one was about 100 from a rory on stage 5. I think higher base damage and a higher base crit chance would help a lot and maybe give them bonus damage vs heroic or flying to give them a niche.

Then there's the other end of the spectrum, fire mages. Honestly I've stopped using them outside of hard mode now because they're so insane. I'm not entirely sure but I think I even broke the dps calculator with one since it said it was doing -180 dps, I had checked it before and it was doing 970ish so I think when the dps breaks 1k weird things happen.

I think the main culprit is their fire death spell at level 2, I'm not sure exactly how much it's supposed to burn for but it seems to be set to instant death for anything around it right now. The range on the fire aura of fire power could probably come down a bit too, to make positioning more important.

For barracks first thing, there should be some kind of kill button on the raxx that kills all the spawned units so abilities can kick in, or just give them the abilities as you research them. It's incredibly annoying and somewhat dangerous having to wait for a massive ball to kill your stuff for upgrades to actually kick in.

As for the units nothing really competes with the thor, it gets insane hp, a nice air attack and an aoe stun. The devil dogs are also pretty nice but your job isn't to do damage with barracks and it can't hit air so it tends to not get built much. The zealots have the same issue the firebat has except they can't even live long enough to do damage most of them time. Maybe if the zealots were considered magical, and some enemies did reduced damage to magical they would be a bit more useful and you couldn't just blindly build thors as much.

Finally artillery, the missile side is fine, big bertha's space missile is an amazing cooldown if you micro it, meh on auto-cast and the turret is good for when you're lazy or need AA. The lightning turret is somewhat of a mix between bertha and the turret, honestly it doesn't feel as powerful but i haven't played with it as much. Then there's the 4th type.... yeah.

As far as unit balance, the only one I really have a problem with is vrykul, their base damage isn't bad but for some reason they have +27 - +51 as a modifier, that combined with their high hp and hp regen just make them hard to deal with without a lot of cooldowns to take them out with. Also as I somewhat mentioned before reapers on hard mode are really hard to kill, but I think that's fine since it's hard mode, we just need some options to be able to invest in to deal with them.

So I think that's about everything, this is of course all just my opinion so feel free to ignore whatever you see fit. Except the fire mages, those guys are seriously nuts.

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