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On the topic of spells, divine doesn't actually do what it says it should. It wont heal,it does NOT increase attack speed by the 50% it should *a 12.5 tower only gets a 2.5 reduction... which is not even 25%* and I don't think the energy regen is working correctly, unless its supposed to be 20 engery over the 20 seconds and not 20 energy a second for 20 seconds, in which case that works fine. on the topic of Rory Swann, he's ment to just cc the crap out of the badguys really, his snare is so OP we beat hard gate with no leaks and nothing even reaching the 2nd row *that and I had some imba thor placement to go with those rory* Fire mage is OP because their spell deals 4000 dmg aoe around their target after 10 seconds, one guy is 4000 dmg, 2 guys your doing 4000 split *8k combined* and so on and so forth. So really the dps meter shouldve lapsed itself past 1000 several times over when it gets a good group.
I don't even know what divine is supposed to do, if there's a tooltip I guess I've never read it, the only part I've noticed is the 20% attack speed buff. And with the fire mage you don't even have to wait 10 seconds, everything around the target just starts dying instantly while the fire mark is still counting down.

On a side note I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature but I've been in a few games where after a few people disconnect it automatically goes into easy mode mid round without anyone clicking it. Kind of annoying since sometimes you don't want to do easy.
im wondering are u able to start with more then 39 stars iv bin playing alot n it says my max stars is 39 no matter wat
The more achievements you complete, the more stars you will start with. Press F12 in game to view achievements.

I still love the game and I am excited that Kingdom Rush is getting popular! One thing I forgot to add when I posted earlier, seems like 20% of the time you kill something that is carrying minerals, you get +0 minerals, is this by design? I was trying to think of things that might cause this, maybe there are areas that are too far away from the truck guys that come and pick the minerals up. If it is by design could you explain why it is happening? If it is not, I know you have a lot on your plate and this is a small thing, you have done a great job with this! Keep up the good work!
Wow, it rose to 6k. But page 1 new maps get what i call 'fake' popularity. Many are just trying it because its up there in page 1 and new, they probably won't stick around for long like all the other new page 1 maps. Too bad the new levels aren't ready. :( It would have helped people stick around longer.

Anyways, changed a lot of stuffs, the dark templar abilities actually did not work. They are totally changed now. Light zealot's shield now appear twice as often. And the holy order line are now all considered magical, so magical attacks will do less damage vs them.

Lastly, retreat button added to barracks! And the divine heal works, but its a HoT. It heals 21 health every second for 20 seconds.
YES! I love you and your rax changes, Those light zealots *while awesome* died far to quickly due to the low shield proc, also is their attack fixed to hit twice? They were doing only 1 swing when I checked last. On the matter of divine heal, does it work on thors? Or does it not work in combat? I've notice they don't get any healing in personally. Havn't tried latest update yet but will post a update if its still this way

@Alamand if your on your engineering bay click the far right button in that row of spells, it pops a menu that will list what every upgrade of each spell *should* do, All but divine seem to be accurate from what I can tell.
orange page 1 is big i can name tons of games on page 1 that have bin their for like a month

i just realized while i was in a game the people walk in circles around the speeders n dont attack them u might want to fix
Yeah the zealot is only swinging once. Divine healing should work on thor. It works on everything including buildings.

Today the hours jumped from 3000 to 6500! Huge jump. And before I forget, i'll jot down the map progress since it was released i guess 3 weeks ago. During the first week, the map only got around 10 bookmarks and at most 10 hours. Half those hours were made by my group playing. :) And during the first week, this map was bad! It took me a week to figure out the problem [was only able to play like 3 games or so lacking players] There wasn't enough minerals to do upgrades. People could only afford to make 1 or 2 towers upgraded. Most of the towers around the map were left empty. So the first revision upped the mineral rate and the mob health. It was a bad revision, there's too much minerals! And mobs were dying as soon as they spawned. The 2nd big revision lowered the minerals and doubled the mob's health. That's when its finally playable.

This is where a huge luck came into play. During the first week, this map wasn't in the up&coming list at all. I think fun or not either did not pick this map up or people were voting not fun. After the 2nd revision, I noticed it started to climb up&coming. At first it was like 2 rating, then 8 rating. Then it rose to 40 rating and eventually 100 rating. I don't know if fun or not was running this map more often because people are voting fun, or it just decides to do it the day after my 2nd revision. This is where the luck came in, the 2nd revision is when this map is fun to play.

The reason I mentioned luck because before this map, i made another map that got 100 hours played and over 100 bookmarks during its first week. I checked up&coming for that map and it never got any rating. I think it got 1 rating during day 1, that's it.. While this map also did the same thing except it only got 10 bookmarks and 10 hours played. Also this map was released last november when it only had 3 levels finished. It also got around 10 bookmarks and 10 hours played. So I thought this map is dead after its first week release..

Anyways, after it appeared in up&coming, the hours start to rise. It went from 45 to 100 and 300 hours played. Then for the next couple weeks, it steadily gain a couple hours a day until it reach 2600 when it stalled. I thought okay, it reached its peak, but then it starts to go up a little bit couple dozen hours a day.

Today it reached page one at 3000 hours and it then spiked to 6000 hours! It actually reached page one last night but that monobattle map was duplicated pushing my map to page 2. :)

That's this map progress! I don't know if this is similar to other new page 1 progress or not, and it remains to be seen if this map can reach 10k hours like all other new page 1 maps.
The air on the map that just flies right through perhaps needs to be toned down a bit on hard mode. This map doesn't really have strategy on dealing with fliers that have thousands of HP that pass right by. Two of these waves and it's GG. I mean, what can you do, even theoretically?
Ok so update, Divine does NOT heal thors. Is it perhaps because they are mechanical and its working to heal biologicals? Zealots are indeed 1 swing as you mentioned otherwise the shield proc seems to be working better, I was thinking maybe a increase in duration would've been fine as well but the change you made seems solid. Also Magical is kind of a joke atm... Archons do 10-15 dmg to everything... 9.75-14.75 to magical... lol? Queens did the same damage to armored and magical, no worries there but I guess untill I see the vrykul stats I wont know about the magical armor being good.
Divine doesnt work on light zealots either... Its odd because I made a game on peacedale, made 1 barracks and watched the heal go. but I make a icedale and rush light zealots and they wont get the heal, same with thors. this time I just tried to heal a normal level 1 barracks on icedale 1, no heal, even when that marine is the main target and not just in the buff zone. = /
Final Edit; So it seems heal works on peacedale 1, but not icedale one. At least not starting on icedale. but I redid peacedale 1 *again* just to check and those level 1 marines ARE getting the heals. Is there something in the code that might make that wonky?
So to recap, the heals work if you start from peacedale 1, its working on light zealots even. it wont however work if you pick icedale first. I have effectivly healed units at least twice every level up to icedale 2 at this point
Light zealots simply die to fast when confronted by vrykul (Maybe make their base dmg high but magical dmg low so people will need a combo of thors and zealots?), while zealots do have the magical armor the vrykul magic dmg is simply still to high/zealots can not close the gap before dieing making the lifeleech trivial and the shield simply to low to sustain more then 2 hits maybe if they had a charge? The heal is working if you start on peacedale and follow it through, i've tested it on two full games now healing at least twice each level. Starting on icedale seems to break the heal though as if you max divine on peacedale the heal is active but if you max it on icedale it's not working.
Thanks to Andrenden's persistence, I looked at the divine triggers and discovered a critical bug! Basically if you have airstrike upgraded to level 3 and then upgrade your divine spells to level 3+, it'll switch to a faster cooldown divine cast spell. But that faster cooldown spell only use blessing level 1. That's why it doesn't heal. Will fix it later.

Vrykul is actually high damaging mob that no one can really tank. If anything, vrykul might have too much health. And the holy order isn't a tanking line, its a dps line Zealot and DTs are suppose to be hybrid dps/tank. The light zealot needs a damage buff, so going to change its abilities to reflect that.

This game is based a lot on Kingdom Rush. Holy order = berzerkers. Thor = paladins. In Kingdom Rush, artillery is the DPS backbone. Mages are there to kill slow moving high health mini-bosses and air. Range is the weakest, but it has longest range. And its archers are good at slowing down stuffs and poison. That's why range are the cheapest and artillery the most expensive. The ability cost has finally been changed to reflect that, it used to be a flat 300 cost because the mapper (me) was too lazy to do different ability costs. :) But today the different ability cost is added.
Dude your map is crazy fun, you're a genius! I can't wait for the new maps! Thanks a lot for you hard work.
02/18/2012 11:37 PMPosted by orangeblue
Vrykul is actually high damaging mob that no one can really tank. If anything, vrykul might have too much health. And the holy order isn't a tanking line, its a dps line Zealot and DTs are suppose to be hybrid dps/tank. The light zealot needs a damage buff, so going to change its abilities to reflect that.

Now that you compared them I guess it makes sense, I was looking at it as Light Zealots Tank/DT DPS, just like I compare Devil Dogs to the DPS of the Factory while Thors are the Tanks. It made sense to me as even the mages and range have a "Defensive" and "Offensive" element to them. And as an example while both Air and Fire mages are "Offensive" mages, Air has more of a defensive aspect with the teleport they have *now a mass teleport which might need to be limited to maybe 5 teleported everytime*, While fire are pure DPS with their curse

Edit; Woot for being a pest >.o It's because I love the map so much lol
I don't think you were pesting, I thought the divine tree were fine. :p And now that you mentioned mass teleport, just discovered it wasn't really limited to 5 units! There's actually a lot of abilities that has no aoe limit. No doubt people will find them and discover op'ed ones.

And thanks Jer!
I've got to say, now that I can get divine working properly it seems almost to good to be true lol, it works on airstrike banshees which basicly means gg for w/e I airstrike

I've got a idea for DT, Can they be invis until they strike maybe? Like give them a higher dmg but a low life count and have them pop out only when they take a swing? I guess they wouldnt work as dps/tanks then though... they just seem so frail

Somewhere around 26000 exp give the 5th of 6 stars for KINGDOM XP Achievement, Not that i'm complaining it just seems a tad off lol is that intended?

Boo, i've rolled over the big 100 for KINGDOM Loyalist and have noticed the star does not award D= broken trigger?
Liking the change to those light zealots, just a question though. their buff stats different percentages then the upgrade on the building. Which is correct?
I don't think you get the kill gold if the unit dies from poison (Tydus tower).

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