"Your status has been locked."

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I queue for a 1v1 game. It says "Player Found," and all the buttons go grey (example: Find Match, 1v1 Map Preferences, etc) so I can't click on them, as they normally do. No problems.

But then it everything lights up again, like when the other player disconnects, except there's no alert that the other player disconnected. "Player Found" is still lit up at the top of my screen.

So I click "Find Match" again but it tells me "You cannot join the matchmaking queue because your status has been locked." This doesn't stop until I log out and log back in.

So then I log out and log back in and it resets and I can queue again. But about half the time, it just happens again. So my play sessions are a constant series of "log out,"
"log in," try matchmaking, fails, "log out," "log in," try again, etc, etc.

It's incredibly annoying.
This is happening to me also, only on Shakuras Plateau, I'm receiving ties for every game. I vetoed Shakuras and have had no problem since, maybe that's a potential work around for the time being.
this has happened to me about 5 times in the last 10 mins... and I've lost about 10 points for each glitch.. yay
Same thing is happening to me LovE
so i go to blizzard to talk about the problem and then they tell me to go to this thread. like wtf. and i lost points too. and i don't know if it hurt my mmr or not.
Looks like logging out and logging back in is fixing some people.

Just as a bump because I am still having this problem and am still losing points unfairly because of the server deciding to act up. This happens on all my accounts as seen in the last 4 games of this screen shot. http://i.imgur.com/Nr57w.png
that in the last 10 minutes i lost 4 games and I did not just join the games then leave once it started I was unable to join and because of it I lost about 50 points just because b.net didn't want to connect me to the game. It's very annoying please help. annoying please help.
Bump. Still having the same problem.... Blizzard
Bump Bump Bump happened about 6 times today. 4 yesterday. Ba ba bump
CrimsonBlue, can you post some more information about your connection?

Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST
Firewall off, no antivirus, no internet security software
Don't know what that is
Surfboard SB5101
Bump please !@#$ing fix this %^-*
Bump. bumping every time it happens. bump
01/16/2013 07:26 PMPosted by CrimsonBlue

I would use just the wired connection for now, and disable the wireless connection.
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST
Ummm, I was going off my head about a video i saw and so I was swearing a lot and then when i had tried to join a custom game it had said "Your status has been locked" or somthing along those lines. Maybe too much swearing or aggressive behaviour? And this is just a theory.
This is happening to me too...and its insanely annoying. I take my points and matches seriously. I guess I can kiss my efforts to getting to the next division GOODBYE. Blizzard PLEASE FIX!

Can it be a possible keylogger? I usually assume so I change my password every time its happened. done this about 15-20 times now in the pass month

I use wired connection
I have very good antivirus (Bitdefender)
Regular integrated network card (came with computer)
Verizon model for Fios (Direct connection from there to comp)

I scan for trojans/spyware like I !@#$ everyday, so I'm pretty sure my comp is clean
Had the same problem about 5 games. Logged out, logged in - fixed, AS Meis suggested.

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