This Is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #9 (RP)

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This is an actual roleplay. Here are the rules!
State your (name) (race) (unit-type), and any other info that you feel others should know. I will start. Additionally, all races can understand each other, due to some technology.

Please keep track of your Credits and Items. Each Player will get 100 credits at the beginning of each day, from when they started.

*Link to First Thread*

I give Credit for this series of threads to Vulturling.
New Players are welcomed.
"What does this man's assassination have anything to do with Shakuras?" Nick says, still holding his offensive stance.
I quickly quiet down. I am almost out of time.
I quickly grab the empty riffle cartridges and fill them with the gunpowder from the casings pack it down and place the bullets over the powder. Now I just have to keep the powder packed enough for it to exploded instead of burn. I tear a sheet into strips and wrap it around the side that had the exposed bullets and tighten it down so that they are held in place.
It may or may now work now. I make fuse using a bullet casing pressed through a gap in the sheet. I search for something to hit the primer. It had to be small. I search the desk for thumbtacks or other small objects.
I searched for a good 10 minutes before I had turn the entire desk inside out not finding anything. In frustration I kick the desk breaking one of the legs. Wait the desk is held together with screws rivets or something like that. I yank a drawer out and break it apart. The handle had a screw that was just a little bit wider than I had wanted. I take another casing and run the screw into the primer. It fit, tight as it was but a fit no the less. Now to finish the impromptu trap.
I stop to listen for a moment. It has gotten a little to quiet. I proceed my work quietly trying to listen for an cue's as to someone trying to break the door in.
"This man, sometime soon, will commit an act that will set off a chain of events that may lead to a civil war between the Protoss, again. The war would catch several other Protoss Planets in the crossfire as well."
"Hey, whoever you are back there, grab my wraith and get out of here as soon as possible!" I yell to the one the changeling came for. "Changelings, he will escape you, my wraith is one of the fastest flying vehicles around!"
"You idiot. He locked himself in, probably preparing something for when we break the door down..."
"DAMN IT!" I exclaim.
"What sort of act." Nick says, no emotion left in his voice, but his eyes still show hatred
"That... was left unclear in the Reaper's vision..." We stand, prepared for another confrontation should the need arise...
"And how do you know this Reapers vision is true?"
"...Because the Reaper is the Void Incarnate..."
"Why must this be solved with a death, rather than imprisonment?"
"In a way, death is the imprisonment. Death, is simply a term used for the liberation of one's essence from flesh. Once freed, this essence goes to the eternal realm, which interweaves within the Void. There, the essence could be imprisoned, so should the Reaper desire. When the time would be right, the essence would be allowed to roam the eternal realm or, if it so chooses, to become part of a living thing, and unknowingly guide it."
I grab my shotgun and slowly crawl away, I only have 6 shots in it, I would have to make this count. "This is suicide," I mumble quietly. I grab some of Joeys flammable drinks and throw them at the changeling, making sure not to hit them. I shoot at the liquids on the ground causing them to erupt into flame. Well I'm dead. I think as I see the changeling in the fire.
I stare at the Terran, and sigh.
"You obviously don't understand still."
The liquid begins to pool around my feet, beginning to put out the fire.
Nick, using this moment of confusion, sends a blast of Psi energy into the changelings clone, sending them into Joeys bar, smashing hundreds of bottles of flammable liquids. He Bursts into an inferno, beginning to turn the clone into ash piece by piece. Joey yells obscene words while pulling out a baseball bat and slamming the clone over the head.
I stare at the Terran, and sigh.
"You obviously don't understand still."
The liquid begins to pool around my feet, beginning to put out the fire.

You cant change on the molecular level. You can change what you look like, and rearrange the atoms to form something of a tougher state, such as mock metal, but its still organic and still would burn.

(This works for the same reason hellions hurt changelings in game)
"Very... Un-protoss like... Brother..."
The Clone blinks away, into the Inferno with the original.
"This won't be over until we all die... Which... even if no more blood is shed, we will outlast all of you... You all should learn more about those you hate so much... Goodbye for now... enemies of the void..."
We blink away.
I look at my stomach, I lost a lot of blood.
Technically, Changelings can in fact change at the molecular level. I basically increase my metabolism and melt parts of myself, although if I am completely melted then I can't really survive, so that's why I can't just be an invincible liquid...

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