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The answer, Vigilantes committing vandalism.
(smiles and fiddles with his new handguns, then puts them back in their holsters)
02/12/2012 11:53 AMPosted by Jake
I already said I only have Terran weaponary, except for Thor's and nukes.

Oh, well then I will need 24 point defense drone lasers and the best generator that you have. If I can't have protoss tech, at least I can make my mothership invulnerable to projectiles. Maybe 12 or so long range railguns too, and a swivel mount for each.
Well, that'll be $1,546,287.39 and you'll have to fish around in the garage for it. Here's a map, and the location of your items.
Okay, thanks. *takes map and goes into garage*

A few hours later...

Oww.... *walks out of the garage with all the parts and a spider mine on his head*
Aren't these supposed to be deactiva- owww.... -deactivated? And why is it clinging to my head?
Anyway, here's your money. *gives 12 small bluish green balls of goo*
These are partially formed ion crystals, they will fully form in a few days and get a bit harder. They are each worth about 130,000 credits once they - owww, stop that! *pokes spider mine* -are ready. Be careful with them though, the reason that they are so v- owww... -aluable is that they will pretty much freeze everything within a few miles of them when broken. And getting frozen for several days would be bad for business. I suppose you could also just keep and resell them if you wanted to as well, they can be used as weapons if you freeze an army and then blow it up. Oh, and could you please get this thing off me?
Meh, sometimes the rodents manage to play with some buttons in there. Here...

*takes a pair of adamantine scissors and snips off the legs, holding it in his other hand as he does so. Once it's off, he turns it off*

Mumbles: Why cant anybody give straight up cash around here...
Say, what made you set up shop in this part of town?
Well, in the general and racist parts of town, they're always talking to the developers of that simulation game of theirs, and the history museums (story/campaign) aren't exactly a good place to sell weapons, so here I am.
Hey everybody who needs Protoss weapons and shields come to my new shop: Plasmic Surge.
02/12/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Jake
Mumbles: Why cant anybody give straight up cash around here...

Where's the fun in that? Besides, silver's shiny. I like shiny.

*vanishes with a mocking grin, the equipment following seconds later*
Do you have a daily special or something? Anyways, I need something with 3x +(100%/5)(25) +9 bonus damage vs mathematicians. Got it?
Hah hah. Here's a calculator. Best one in the sector. That'll be $120.
*appears in a burst of electrically charged smoke, coughing*

Need a detox filter, some jorium, and three more defensive matrix generators. Having a little trouble with the null energy backlash. Put it on my tab.
I need some napalm to firebomb ace's new store
Hey bro, I need wings for my Thor.
02/14/2012 06:31 AMPosted by Exylem
Hey bro, I need wings for my Thor.

Decorative, or ones that allow you to fly?
02/14/2012 01:38 PMPosted by Jake
Hey bro, I need wings for my Thor.

Decorative, or ones that allow you to fly?

"I believe i can flyyyyyyyyy!"
Well, then it'll take a few weeks for me to fit them onto your thor without them falling off 12 seconds after takeoff. You won't be charged until I'm done, so aside from keeping your thor, there's no way I can rip you off. It'll be $1,200,000.

$1,400,000, if you include the gasoline you'll need.
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