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01/09/2013 07:26 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Unless you have one of THunder's Soul Siphons. I told you I ransacked this place when he took off to become an interdimensional deity.

"That too. Say, you're familiar..."
*eye regenerates*

I am a Roach, you know... But I will refrain from melting your new body because I do feel bad for insulting you and... because I worked really hard and suffered repeated electrocution to create that body. Which obviously works properly.

You're familiar too. That tends to be the case among people who know each other.
"I know you? Then I assume I know all of you at some point?"
I shake my head. "Man, what the hell was on the other side of that portal?"
Er... unless you happen to be a person who looks exactly like Mad Doctor Smylez but is not Mad Doctor Smylez.
Knarled.... Just please never do that again... That one can be a emotional topic. :\
Since I don't have one... It just feel frustrating and etc....
So just please don't do that again?
"Negative sir Roach, this is the Doctor, flesh and blood. My ID scanner tells me he is the one and only smylez."

"The lady..." I say drifting off, "I must find her!"
*massive temptation to say something incredibly mean builds rapidly, but is suppressed, resulting in my head exploding*

Sure. No problem. Didn't realize that was such a touchy subject for you. And now that my head is regrown and my work here is finished...

I need a drink.
Next time... I'll stick you in a Soul Crystal.
"I must find her immediately! I must-"

[karate chop on the knock]

"Excuse me. The Doctor must retire in his bed. It has been a very long day for him. Have a pleasant day!"
*just stalks the Doctor... because it's a force of habit.*
A small spiderlike creature watches from the shadows, its darkly colored form concealed within the black umbra of a rafter. The large, perfectly round red eye in the center of its facce whirrs faintly, zooming in on the Doctor. The smaller eyes surrounding it scan for threats, and it slowly follows.

In the darkness, three other similar creatures stir, keeping their sights on their subject. To lose track of him now would not be pleasing to the Master.
"It would be unwise to stalk the Doctor when he needs rest," says Butler, the mecha-smylez.

The clinic doors closes gently.
One of the creatures crawls stealthily to the window of the clinic, peering in and noting the Doc's position.

Target located, inaccessible. Requesting aid.

A serpentine beast appears almost from nowhere, its sinuous coils seeming to wriggle their way out of thin air near the ground. It moves towards the clinic wall...

...and passes through it without a sound or mark.
Thunder isn't here......

*rubs hands evilly*

We can go down to the basement now..... Mwahahah!
I stop Naits. "I wouldn't recommend that. The guards are still there." I point at a new scar. "There's the proof."
*I come up from a flight of stairs and stand next to Zarkun, licking a red and green swirling lollipop.*
Well... I may have figured out the glitch in our universe itself. This right here allows me to manifest glitches within the atoms, electrons, protons, and neutrons of anything I wish.
*I snap my fingers, and chuckle to myself as an 8-bit Zergling hops onto the ground, sitting and grinning.*
And, such is a glitch in our system.
I proceed to punt said Zergling into the basement, where it is slaughtered by the guards. "Need more proof?"
*Pink Panther theme plays as my new Adjutant body, and LICENTIA's begin to weave nanites that we... Borrowed from an alternate dimension. We had the bodies of two Human (ThunderCrash) Guards*

Amusez-vous, Messieurs. Ma femme robot doit savoir ce qu'il ya dans ce sous-sol!

*Rubbing ze hands ever so evilly! Tehe*

It's in French!
Right... I'm gettin' outta here before something else explodes violently.

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