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By the way.... I'm staying home from school today because there will be no one at the house and someone has to watch the dogs and people will be looking at the house again today. :\ So someone needs to stay.
So you get to be the god of the forums today... if you so choose.
*Evil plan formulates*
Wasn't planning on doing that, but you intrigued my mind.
Oh no...

Well, good luck with the evil scheme.
*My new body and LICENTIA make it past the guards*
You gave me the body I need! Maybe use less Kay! Oh influences next time you bring someone back?

*Shaking hands with two guards, they both left. We were taking their place during their shift*
By the way, what am I looking for?
Yeeeeeeah, I'm heading off to school in a little while. >.>
"CR, I don't know if you read the earlier posts...but, you're about to...." There's a zapping sound and CR and LICENTIA fly up stairs, frozen. "Don't say I didn't warn you."
I read your earlier post, for they believe us to be them. >:3

*Sneaky sneaky mode! We both had fire crystals that we stole from the Fade RP*
"Yeah.....they aren't machines, CR. Go read from page one, you'll understand."
I know they aren't.... And damn... My plan has been foiled by you meddling Medivac Pilots. (Love references)
"I don't believe I've read that one." I look at one of the shelves, phase disruptors sitting on them. "Hmmmmmm....what could I use these for...."

It all makes sense now... I can't enter it.... But I do know how to obtain anything within the bowels of this place!

*Picks up the phone and dials for SF... He is expendable of course*
"Dude, SF won't mess with the basement. He's already received the same treatment you just did."
It warms my heart to see a thread by Thundercrash back on the front page.

And as a warning, if you try to break into the basement your heart is not going to be the only part of you that gets warmed.
*My eyes flare a fiery red, and a devilish, crazed grin replaces my thoughtful scowl, and I slump forward, chuckling deeply as I stumble forward, towards the stairs, as the skin on my back begins to stretch outwards. The newfound limbs separate from my back, spraying black blood behind me as huge bat-like wings stretch outwards, slamming to the ground and propelling me into the basement, where only maniacal cackling is heard.*
SB comes flying back up, coated in flames and electricity. "Ouch. I told you not to go down there."
Obviously landing, and tending to my wounds, which were aftereffects of my prey...

I simply look at my hands, which are coated in some sort of viscous fluid... actually... that's all over me. I am laughing, a hissing screeching noise accompanied by my crooked smile.
I collapse, and eventually slump up against the wall, opening my eyes and looking around, furrowing what one could consider my brows. My eyes are an icy blue once again.
". . . Explain to me... why I am, at this moment in time, utterly in pain and unable to move..?"
"You ran into Thunder's guards."
I hang up a sign.

Thundercrash would like to say:

Any further attempts to break into his basement will be dealt with in a swift and brutal manner, involving teleportation to The Dens followed by |||CENSORED FOR GRAPHIC CONTENT|||
"I am back. And irritated. I have the absolute worst Humanities teacher."

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