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The woman shakes her head again, and makes more hand signs

I see. She says you broke it making Raven a new body. She also says you committed a mass lobotomy in the process, because you depleted three soul crystals.
I pop up from behind one of the shelves, holding a Photon rifle I was looking over. "I only inhaled the smoke that resulted from it going boom."
Sighs. Ruby smacks her forehead.

Zarkun, you're an idiot for doing that. You have no idea the materials that went into the making of that machine, nor what the effects will be of inhaling them. Come along, I'm taking you to the attic.
I follow. "How was I supposed to know? One moment I'm browsing, the next I'm coughing up a storm. Can't blame me for that."
After ushering Zarkun into the attic, the door closes.

Now hold still. This won't hurt. Much.
And now, I'll just be going... later Ruby, nice to see you...

*heads for door*
I look at him quizzically and laugh. "Nothing hurts at all anymore."
Que Zarkun screaming in terror and excruciating pain.

Stop squirming, I can't it out if you keep moving like that. Trust me, this is not something you want to keep in your body. Do I have to strap you down?
"I'm not moving..."
Uh oh, hallucination.
A loud thump rattles the door

Awe, see, now look what you did! It's attached to your brain stem now. I told you not to move!
*Walks around to the door in the attic, looking around again, slowly getting a bit more paranoid and dripping the oddly colored blood*
What the hell haaaappeeeeeened? I need a toweeeeel for the BLOOOOOOD..!
I come up the stairs and open the door, noticing the clone. "Oh...that, uh, wasn't me."
Just wondering if you had these, need some Weapon and Shields Refitting...
Do you have:
Quantum Fission EU Generators
Nano-Galactic MFFS (Modular ForceField System)
N00cl3@r R3@ct0r$
Anti-Screw-up Warships
and Hyperions?

I'm looking to soup-up my old @NT1 $CR3W-UP Warcruiser and needed some parts....

Also if you need my soul.... I already sold it.
I walk in, then immediately walk back out.

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