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*crashing noises and grunts*

Let's see... got to be around here somewhere...

*crash crash crash BOOM crash*

Ow... a-HA!
I was so confused for a second. Glad to see it was a necro :P

Well... Not really... You shouldn't necro.
This isn't a necro, this is a revival. There's a difference. However, it is definitely before my time here.
*bang bang bang*


Oh yes, those things... I'd quite forgotten about the NOTHING NOTHING TO SEE HERE PLEASE MOVE ON and ah there it is. I just need to attach the -



Well, at least that seems to be working. Now I just need one of those soul crystals... where'd he put those...
*I walk up and hold my hand, palm up, to KO. In my hand, a crystal with green color and smooth edges waits.*
This it?

That crystal was used as payment some time ago. It contains the soul of an ancient evil Archon. Please try not to drop it.

Besides *holds up object* I have this. It contains CrymsonRaven's soul.

*taps claw on crystal*

Miniature spirit earthquake! Hehehe. NOw if I can hook it up to the...
I warp back in with a befuddled look in my face. "Where am I?"

The Personal World Destroyer hoists me up. "The Doctor is back! How are you sir?"
*looks up from weird machine*

Welcome back, Doc. Mind helping me with the -



On second thought, perhaps you should stand back.
Looks like he's going to necro me back from the dead....
"Who are you? Ugh, my head..."

"The Doctor shows sign of emotional and physical trauma. Please move back as I bring him back to his clinic."
Uh... OK.

Guess it makes sense that he would have showed up in here. Now, if I hook the crystal up to the -


Hm. Amazingly nothing extraordinarily painful happened to me. Alright, now all I have to do is press the -

Whelp.... I'm dead, now I get to haunt all of you.
*Sinks into my grave*
I cough, waving away the smoke. "The hell just happened?"
Well... I just pushed the red button. Shoulda known that wouldn't be good. Maybe the green -


*cough cough*

Nope. I'll try blue -

Reconstruction process underway.

Well, whaddya know.
"The moron," I say struggling to stand up, "Did not properly arraign the crystal's lattice energy to the machine. It went into overdrive and exploded instantly. Butler! Help me up!"

"At once sir!"

"There you go you...thing."
*machine whirs and spits out an adjutant with legs dressed like a #%@$*

Well... not what I expected, precisely, but it works.
"We can rebuild her. We can make her better." I stare at the adjutant. "Or less provocative." I say, using Butler as my support.
I look at the Adjutant. "Something tells me that isn't the original design..."
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*machine whirs and spits out an adjutant with legs dressed like a #%@$*
...Okay, that actually was kinda funny.... Terribly, terribly funny. But you do realize that I'm a guy...
"'re a female adjutant. You're appearance is that of a female. God! This headache!"

"Here are some painkillers sir!"

"Yes, that'll do Butler."

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