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Nothing has more numbers than the Zerg. NOTHING! Not even all the insects in the universe. (Well I guess the Zerg might have less than all the insects in the universe, they still are stronger that insects).
no because the Protoss would come safe the zerg because they want too destroy zerg first and not some other race.
The Protoss don't care who eliminates the Zerg, they just want the Zerg gone. They would even be fine with the Zerg staying alive, just as long as the Zerg don't try to go after Galactic Domination.
Zergys are the bomb, I have no idea what a borg is, but zerg are cool :P yes I believe I have made my point.
What about the Replicators from Stargate SG-1?
Zerg vs Borg, eh?
Alright, here goes:

The Borg might have more units then the Zerg at their disposal. However, the Zerg are stronger. That is the Reason the Protoss haven't been destroyed yet, they are stronger then mass minions. Now instead of the Zerg having mass, weak units, the Borg do, and the Zerg have the place of the Protoss. However, they still have a speed advantage to the Borg, being able to create billions of units in the blink of an eye. Sure, the Zerg haven't claimed as many planets as the Borg, but they have them far more defended and have far more units on them. Also the Zerg have had to practically fight their way into each and every planet.

The Zerg do actually have extremely powerful space combat. They can swarm you with trillions of small units. "Oh, you have gigantic squares? No biggie, just send more units! <3"
The Zerg could also board the enemy ships. That's where the Zerg really shine, because once they get onto the ship, they can't really be kicked off. The Borg can't really board anything of the Zerg, there isn't anything to board. A Corruptor? :/

The deal with assimilation is more complicated. The Zerg probably will win here though. As stated, the Zerg virus is far more complicated then the Borg one. The Borg can be assimilated due to being part biological. The Zerg virus is too complicated for the Borg one, so if the Borg try to assimilate a Zerg, the Zerg will consume them from the inside. they probably will corrupt the mechanical systems of the Borg they infest, gaining complete control.

On the ground the Zerg would win. ABSOLUTELY no question there. The Borg weaponry is inferior to the Zerg weaponry on the ground. If they Glass the planet, the Zerg say "Scr3w you" and attack another planet of the Borg. The Borg wouldn't be able to get close enough to a Zerg planet to destroy it however.

Intelligence? Please. The Borg may have great technology and what not, but the Zerg are so unpredictable, intellegent, and cunning, they will out-strategize the Borg any day. Kerrigan might not have been as great a strategist as the Overmind (who was pure boss) but she still has the brains of a god. Just play through the SC1 through BW campaign and you'll see.

The battle between games is basically the battle between bias. You really can't change the mind of someone who grew up thinking StarTrek is the best show in the world, nor can you change the mind of someone who grew up playing Starcraft, their favorite game.
What about the Replicators from Stargate SG-1?

Ooooh, that's a tough one. It depends on what scale we're talking. Space battles, I think the Zerg would win, for the same reason they would win verses Borg cubes. Zerg fliers, while smaller, are far more maneuverable and numerous. Sheer numbers, given enough of them, can always defeat superior size and fire power. That's why it's called a brute-force attack.

Ground battles, I don't know. In terms of pure melee combat, I think the Zerg would win, because they are capable of reproducing at a similar rate, but they are far more varied in species. But, the Replicators are comprised of thousands of microscopic nanite machines, any number of which could infiltrate a Zerg body and wreck havoc from the inside. Additionally, the Replicators, in both the SG1 and Atlantis series, have demonstrated very powerful adaptability in response to unfavorable circumstances, probably very close to that of the Zerg hyper-evolutionary virus, if not equal. It would not take long for the Replicators to find a method of attack on a microscopic level that the Zerg would have difficulty combating.

A good example is the Atlantis episode The Real World, in which Replicator nanites infected a character's body, and then began harvesting various elements from within the body to be used to make more of themselves.

Remember, the Replicators are purely mechanical, which means the Zerg cannot assimilate them. The only possible way that I think the Zerg could gain an advantage of over the Replicators would be if they evolved a strain capable of producing EM pulses.
02/27/2012 08:30 AMPosted by Thundercrash
Remember, the Replicators are purely mechanical, which means the Zerg cannot assimilate them. The only possible way that I think the Zerg could gain an advantage of over the Replicators would be if they evolved a strain capable of producing EM pulses.
Yeah, if they did, the Protoss would be screwed.
I don't know about these Replicators, but I doubt that it would matter much for the Protoss. The EMP's effectiveness against shields has always bothered me, as even in real life EMPs are very easy to protect against.
Easy, yes. Cheap, no. I'm pretty sure that only certain substances can be used to shield against EMPs. Besides, the power requirements to generate a strong enough pulse are nothing to laugh at.

One theory that I have is that in order for shield emitters to function properly, they must be exposed. Things that are protected against EMPs usually don't emit energy as their function, and protection goes both ways. Nothing in, nothing out.
Opening hailing channels to all of you.
The question as to who would assimilate who between the Borg and the Zerg I personally believe that the Zerg would be able to assimilate the Borg easier than the Borg assimilating the Zerg due to the fact that the Zerg have no energy based weapons for the Borg to adapt to plus the Zerg's genetic code mutates faster than the Borg can adapt and counter. Beside I love to see an alien species get one over the Borg
The Borg would probably win based on energy shields and their Cubes. But if the zerg were smart it would probably come down to which side kills the other sides queen first. Both sides have been shown to fall into civil war when their hierarchic falls apart.
04/03/2012 01:36 PMPosted by Richoxen
The Borg would probably win based on energy shields and their Cubes.

Mass scourge...
04/03/2012 01:37 PMPosted by Owlfeathers
Mass scourge...
What if they had their shields disintegrate biologials?
Well, if that were possible then the zerg would insta-lose. They would just ram ships with shields into anything zerg, which would kill them immediately.
Infestation is what's coming to you all.
Before the Brood War, the Zerg have it. The Overmind was a being formed from the primal nature of the Zerg, and he had no free will. The cerebrates too, for that matter. The Borg collective can't impose their will on a being that has no free will.

After the Brood War, the zerg lose. It's because of the way that the Zerg hierarchy has changed - after Kerrigan took control of the swarm, she dumped the cerebrates for queens and the new overlords which do have a sense of individualism and free will.

The borg have proven that they can assimilate species that aren't humanoid - they would eventually assimilate queens and overlords. And given the technology that they apply to individual drones? You would see cybernetic ultralisks or leviathans with shields, and who only knows what else.
Dude... Necro much?
I've noticed a lot of discussion about this, and a lot of people siding with the Zerg have said that the Zerg adapt too quickly for the Borg to deal with. They seem to forget that the Borg will simply adapt to that change, and continue, and gain a victory, and then adapt, and gain another. Their space vessels are significantly too large to be destroyed by any reasonable number of scourge, and even if the Zerg concentrated solely on leviathans, the Borg have uncounted numbers of their massive, world-ending cubes roaming the galaxy.

Another thing to bring to the table is coordination, the Zerg have that to an extent... They are quite vulnerable to the loss of an Overlord or Queen. Meanwhile, the Borg have their equivalent in the center of a Cube. That probably takes more effort to get to than just killing the individual drones with a dull spork. Borg Drones have armored bodies, and personal shielding, which will pretty much allow them to inject nano probes into a few Zerg before they're taken down by raw force. I don't care how fast the Zerg can adapt, there is no actual way a body can stop hundreds to thousands of small robots from charging through a body and rewriting and changing what they want.

Finally, if the Borg start to lose a confrontation, they have transporters, orbital bombardment, and transwarp available, letting them choose any confrontation, which is a massive tactical advantage.

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