Zerg vs. Borg

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Just let this thread die. Please. This argument is a year old, enough already.

09/18/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Thundercrash
Just let this thread die. Please. This argument is a year old, enough already.
The UED being able to take over the over mind even tho it was an infant overmind, I would have to say that The Borg would win maybe not a first because they will generally send in a few scout vessels to gather information so when the main attack force comes at a species they have already adapted to most of their weapons, The Zerg weapons being bological may be troublesome at first for the borg but I think over time The Borg would eventually adapt and begin to assimilate the Zerg.

@Kahless The borg did start to "mature" their own clone drones in a possible future (voyager), so I could see the borg thinking man we need more numbers but we're almost out of humans, lets make more!!!

@kitewing In first contact The Borgs plan from the start was to time travel back to first contact Earth was a central point of the federation and they new if they took the Federation they controlled the quadrant as the Federation was also a fulcrum of peace and helped to prevent alot of conflict in the area so taking them out also cause more fighting within the quadrant, less overall resistance.

And lets not forget The Borg have Transwarp technology (Galatic scale travel in minutes in the best case scenario), the capability to bombard planets from space with no no fear of attrition and time travel I would have to put my money on The Borg.
*mumbles something about necromancers*
*begins assembling order of paladins to hunt down necromancers*
Well, the zerg assimilate ANYTHING with a good strain. Raptors for instance come from something called a Karak with advanced leg muscles (not to be confused with Karax)
40k would own the borg and zerg...separately, that is.

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