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This week, we’re analyzing:

Morale - How do you get yourself back on track after a losing streak? How do you avoid making mistakes due to overconfidence after a series of wins? What do you do to get yourself psyched up before a game?

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Usually I get 5 wins and then 5 loses. I got myself back after a losing streak knowing that I will win after my MMR dropped so low. Then I just end up winning more and more.

Honestly, I get scared to play after I win 3+ times because I know the system will put me up with someone ridiculous.

Last note, to get myself into the game, I usually think of what build I really enjoy using. Then I just use that build regardless who my opponent is.
I pretend I'm Dragon, and I just click the button. Dragon doesn't get anxiety.
I just know in my mind that everyone else is a giant noob and they only win because I'm generous enough to allow them to do so.

It's true.
If you're in the middle of a huge losing streak, there's two things you can do which I generally do myself and find to be very helpful.

The first is to simply stop playing for the day and come back fresh tomorrow. The second, and the one I do the most, is to just take a moment to sit back and think, maybe have a beer or something, and then go at it again but force myself to play macro games.

When I go on losing streaks I have a tendancy to take more aggressive risks and do more all-in play, because I just want to get that win after so many losses. Don't do that, because you're probably just going to lose more. Force yourself to play a good macro game, and when you win from that your confidence will come soaring back and you'll go on to win your next games too. That's what normally happens for me, at least.
If you're on a losing streak, honestly, sometimes its better to just stop. Losing streaks don't seem to really correct themselves very well, especially since you get more upset which makes you play worse and make even poorer decisions.

Or just take a break from 1v1 and do some team games which are way less stressful.
I take a shower when i have a losing streak
If I don't play the game for a while I get to a point of avoidance because I know I will have become rusty. Both breaks I have had longer than 1 month have had 14 lose streaks. Not very fun to come back after dreading it, and then experience it because you are facing people who are either just as good as you were before your break or better.
Interesting topic of choice.

Whenever I encounter a losing streak, I just play with friends and mess around on random maps. Since the bacon community is a nice group of friends, I usually play with GulDhor and the rest of the gang. in observer maps with peep modes and all that.
I have a bit of ladder anxiety myself, but when I hit that losing streak I like to play the AI(GT AI) for a bit to try and get warmed up.. I do this after I watch the replay so I may focus on where my mistakes were stemming from, I may even do this for a few days before returning to the ladder.
02/24/2012 09:58 PMPosted by Shuffel
I take a shower when i have a losing streak

your water bill must be ridiculous!
Whenever I'm feeling down, I make it a point to mess with the game. Something to remind myself who's in charge and what I'm doing, playing a game. Some favorites are: Playing off race, expanding a few times over before building your first unit, MS rush (preferably from a proxy nexus), 7 min thor rush (so much fun), multi nydus attacks (try getting 3 in different parts of your opponents base at the same time), maybe even try building hydralisks if you're feelings terribly bold.

The point is to have fun, reminding yourself of that makes ladder fear so much more bearable.
If I'm on a losing streak I just stop playing, reflect on what went wrong and come back later or the next day when I have the energy and determination to play. It takes full focus to pays 1s.
I get really bad 1v1 anxiety, so I usually take a break til a friend logs on. I prefer 2's and 3's, but a break really cures the mental rut from a losing streak. The next day I almost always win my next match, usually climbing that ladder from (lol) gold
I just came back from a break and got hammered for more than a dozen games in a row. Then I got demoted back to Silver and kept losing. :-(
Kind of sad. I happened to watch a Day9 show where he talks about if you're losing, it's probably not your units or which build you're using at my level, it's your macro and economy.
So, I went into my replays and looked at my timings (using the clock) versus the pros I copy my builds from, and I realized that one of my builds had gaping holes - 30 seconds or more - where I was missing macro points.
I found that my warpgate was hitting at 6:30, where the pro model was at 5:50. I never was that good, but after ten or twenty practice sessions versus the computer I was able to hit 6:01, which was another full warp in - HUGE difference in play.
I think there's a psychological tendency in myself to think I'm just as good as I was before I went on break, but as with all skills, that's just not true. Fortunately, in Starcraft, you can easily benchmark yourself against your old games and even use math (calculating how long it takes to build each building in your build) to see when you need to start building.
So, I'm getting back in and I'm starting to win again, and it's more fun, because I now know that when I'm losing it's not because the other guy's trolling or just way better - it's because I'm messing up my own build.
I'm sure you have different problems in Silver and Gold than in Diamond and Masters, but that's my low-mid level take on it.
If you're losing - look at your build and see where the leaks are, then plug them with a vengeance, use super glue, tape, concrete, whatever you got.
I'm thoroughly demoralized with the 2.0 user interface.
Hey - after winning a game after a series of losses, or after trying a new build and getting the win finally - does anyone else get the shakes? Like serious, hyperdrive, caffeine shakes, but without the coffee? I got them hard when I started playing 1v1, win or lose, but now, it's only once in a while. Like when I make a really tough stand. It's a weird sort of thing, and I cannot play immediately afterward, I need to let the chemicals drop down and I don't come back for a few hours, if that day.
I know this is gonna sound like QQ but when I'm on a losing streak I play terran, no joke.

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