Breakout Part 3

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Summary (Updated as of 3/15/12)
Part One
On a fringe world lies a small military base that close by a modest human settlement. The residence is powered by a water plant. The base is comprised of four levels; level four is the deepest and level one is the ground floor. Every week, new supplies and equipment arrive in a nearby starport. Some of them are never seen again.

One day, a batch of new recruits arrived for their first assignment. It looked like an easy job. Just plant yourself on a security desk and make sure everything is fine. However, they would find themselves in a hellish scenario not long after heading in.

The was a breach in the fourth level. At the time, several high ranking officials were overseeing an experiment. A modified zergling broke loose, managing to kill off the high ranking officials and overpower several security systems. The alarm set off and the order to evacuate was given. It was up to the recruits and several other guards to track and find the loose specimen, dead or alive.

As the higher ups are either KIA or MIA, a women named Martha is in command. She provides vital intel the men who are fighting below.

With 4 other guards, Fux, Nick, Jonathan, and Mathew head down to level 3 where the zergling was last seen. The four guards head to the generator to look for the zergling. Nick and the others head their own ways and they each have brief skirmishes with the zergling.

The zergling is ultimately killed but not before it kills 4 men, wounding the others and wrecking havoc on the generators, resulting in a near total loss of power for the facility. However, back up generators still provide some power although how long it will last is another matter.

Several engineers were sent down to fix the damage to the generators. They were massacred by an unknown creature.

The zergling, in its rampage in the fourth floor, released a defiler. It proceeded to free several other specimens including an unique changeling when the staffs evacuated. With the power down, its movements were undetected. It begins to infest the fourth floor.

The changeling went off on its own and killed the engineers sent down to fix the damage to the generator. It heads over to the generators and it engages with a fight between Nick and Fux. The guards were fighting a losing battle until Jonathan shows up and freezes the changeling.

At the same time, Martha enlists the help of an reluctant scientist who has deep knowledge of the area. Dr. Abe finds himself in a dilemma between telling her the classified secrets of the facility and providing such secrets to contain the damage.

Ultimately the changeling manages to escapes with part of its body and hides itself. The four men head to the infirmary to rest while Martha sends down 2 teams down. 5 men in Theta made sure the changeling did not go anywhere and 6 men in Gamma investigated the fourth floor.

Gamma is killed in the fourth floor by the combination of specimen released by the defiler and the changeling who eats the rest, reforming itself. Ashley, another scientist sends a distress beacon somewhere in the fourth floor beyond LB5.

Ashley heads over to the fifth floor, hidden behind a wall. She checks if any other dangerous specimens were loose and thankfully, they were still caged. The changeling follows Ashley but it is injected with a serum forcing it to listen to Ashley. The changeling is ordered to kill the defiler.

With the discovery that their job was still not done, Martha orders the destruction of the defiler and sends 14 men down to the fourth floor to exterminate anything not human and out of place. They were equipped with prototype armor and weaponry. The code names were Alpha, Omega and Theta.

At the fourth floor, it seemed that creep had spread itself rapidly. They encountered broodlings, had to deal with a lurker and 3 swarm host in a room and the continuous taunting of the defiler. They lost 4 men including Mathews.

Ashley finds herself overwhelmed by the changeling's psionic influence and ends up under the changeling's control. All knowledge that she has is transferred to the changeling. Under the influence, she finds some strange serum extracted from the changeling and injects it into a soldier, transforming him into a grotesque being.

She is not done. Heading over to a pod, she releases a women named Molly who was quarantined after she too was under the influence of the changeling.

Continuing their mission, they link up with two men; Dresden and Nick Rossmund. They arrive at LB5 with four doors labeled 01 02 03 and 04. The door behind is suddenly overwhelmed with creep and communication is blocked by a thing called a shrieker. They can only go forward.

A probe reactivates inside the facility and warps in a plyon. A high templar named Cazil and a replicant warps in. They begin to investigate their surroundings.
Part 2
The defiler tells them that the shrieker is beyond door 04 and that several beast will awaken if they do not hunt them down. Unable to ascertain the truth of its words, the 12 men (and changeling) decide to stick together and head to door 04. The changeling finds itself engulfed in creep but it transfer itself into Ashley's mind. The defiler grows excited after realizing its prey had escaped.

The soldier injected with the serum is given the name "Chimera" by the changeling. It decides to inject the other guards when the time is right and create a new breed of super soldiers. The changeling begins to slowly take over Ashley's body and masquerades as her. The other terrans do not know she has been taken over. The Chimera begins to create some weapons.

After a short encounter with several unknown creatures and the loss of 1 man, they find the shrieker, kill it and reestablish contact with command. They head through door 03 next after communicating with command. There is a infirmary there.

Ashley directs them to a designation after they heal up.

The high templar finds itself somewhere in LB5 door 01. It is furious with the tampering of protoss technology by the terrans. It kills several trapped guards and a scientist. After pausing to check his surroundings, he notices that creep is slowly spreading through the vents.

His psionic rage is felt by the changeling. Deciding it would be prudent, it tells command under the guise of Ashley that a templar had arrive. With so many problems rising, Martha decides to stick to the original plan: Get Ashley and kill the defiler.

As the fire team continue their way, they are attacked by a ferocious creature covered completely in black tentacles. The creature demonstrates a frightening ability of stretching its tentacles everywhere. It is defeated by Nick by stabbing its core after it is severely weakened from the combined assaults of the humans and Protoss. A dark templar named Malak arrives to help in this fight.

The protoss decides to investigate the area more and deal with the guards later. They have let them go for now.

Meanwhile, the fire teams are able to procure some ammo. They receive the coordinates to Ashley, not knowing that she is under control of the changeling. Their orders from command was to keep a close watch on Ashley. A soldier named Sgt. Wells arrives, but the fire teams are suspicious of his motives.

Ashley tells commands that Molly is at the second floor and that the changeling is controlling her. Martha is suspicious why Molly is under control of the changeling if Ashley was suppose to control the changeling. This little slip up allows Martha to realize that the changeling has subverted both Molly and Ashley's mind.

With this knowledge, Molly decides to interrogate Molly and through her, hopefully the changeling and learn something. Although Molly is found and put in a room, she is able to inject a serum into a nurse at the second floor. The interrogation continues.

But not for long. Tired of her captor's questions, the changeling uses Molly as a vessel for its power and breaks out of the room. The second floor is lost to the Chimera and the changeling's forces. Camera's are shut off. Some survivors escape to the first floor. The rest are either killed or turned into Chimera.

With three openings for the Chimeras to attack, Martha consolidates all of her remaining forces into the main lobby where it is the only way out for the chimeras to escape. Entrenching themselves with barricades, Martha fights an uphill battle with few men and few supplies.

She radio's the fire teams below, ordering them to kill Ashley attack the chimera from behind when they strike. Ashley is able to hear the orders due to the changeling's influence and escapes. The fire team below are on edge and they harbor some mutinous feelings. They are arguing on their best course of action, whether they should listen to Command or split up with one team going after Ashley and the other half going to help Command.

Ashley is able to escape. The proto-chimera finds the defiler and they engage in battle. The defiler is able to beat the chimera narrowly. It begins to trace after Ashley's scent. Ashley finds Nick Rossmund alone and they engage with Ashley easily overpowering Rossmund.

Rossmund barely escapes and finds some vials on the fifth floor. He injects a serums into himself in hopes of staying alive.

The Protoss are still exploring the facility, their purpose is unknown. Are they friend or foe?
Part 3 See page 7
"Guys, we don't have much time. Choose now, or we will be overrun by the chimeras. We can either hunt down Ashley, or fight off the Chimeras. Choose now, we don't have much time." Nick says, exasperated.
Interesting. I'll stick around and find a way to join.
I wake up, and feel extremely rested, and refreshed. I stand up and stretch. I look around, and realize that Ross is gone. Slightly scared, I then realize that I slit his wrist. He couldn't have gone far...
Sorlan sees the humans several meters ahead of him. "Terrans, what business have you down here?"
"There's too many problems going at one time. We should go after Ashley, Command can hold themselves off for a few hours."
Theta 2 speaks, "And what if command does not hold out? If that happens, we are stuck right between two enemies. Not to mention that we will be completely left in the dark and those creatures will escape and attack the the evacuees just outside the base. It would be devastation if command does not hold their ground."

OOC: Be back in 10 or so hours. Think carefully about your actions human faction.
I begin to sense the Defiler approaching, and I smile. I speak in a playful, almost seductive tone. "Well. It seems like you somewhat dealt with my pet? No matter. There are more... much more. You have been quite the thorn in my side... I would like to repay the honor, literally. So, by all means, come after me... I'll be waiting." I begin to walk away, the tentacles beginning to form around me, and the liquid starting to encase my body in a black armor.
"Terrans wht business do you have done here?" Sorlan asks again.
"YOU NEED ME ROSS!!!" it screamed in my head as i fought off waves of the chimeras, trying to get somewhere that was away from the carnage. "never" i whisper under my breath as a bolt catches me on the shoulder blade. then as if on cue another charges tackling me on the ground reopening old wounds. it starts punching my visor in a frenzy as blood slowly began to trickle from my mouth and nose. "I AM YOUR SALVATION!!!!" and with that it was set loose. i grabbed the chimera by the throat and launched it to the end of the hallway, head exploding on the hard metal wall with a acidic sound. my arm began to twist and change until a meaty fleshy replacement is there with a giant head of a demon of some sort, my metallic arm didn't feel as bad now with the abomination that was now my left arm. swinging with my demon arm i send another chimera hurtling towards the others, i use my chainblade, digging into the shoulder blade of another. strangely the weapon went through it like butter, l look down to see the weapon covered with the fleshy darkness with another demon head at the point of the weapon, while an eye at the haft darted to and fro. i charged, the bullets bounced harmlessly off me as i lashed out with my demon arm leaving only the torso left of one of the many foes. feral instincts took over as i began attacking in a mad frenzy, slicing, eviscerating, and finally most gruesome of all, devouring. as the opponents drew thin i began to take the hearts of my enemy and devoured them whole, i couldn't help myself as i traced back to eat my fill. "uuughhhhh!!!!! enough!!!!!!!" i roared as all the abominations that was in my body drifted off like vapor. i hacked up all the flesh and blood i had eaten, the floor quickly filling with chunky red vomit. "YOU WILL NEED ME AGAIN ROSS, YOU WILL NEED ME AGAIN SOON....." the darkness said with glee "shut up!!!" i yelled as i collapsed on the floor among the fluid, dazed and afraid.
I sigh as I realize that convincing them won't work.
"Fine then. We go support Command."
Oooh, someone's a little dark.
I stagger out of the dark swarm, cuts all over my body, and the venom's effects luckily beginning to fade. I hear in the distance what sounded like one of my superior's, and I decide that it would be best to head back to her for orders.
I look down the hall, and see the battered Chimera, stepping towards me. I smile with glee.
"Your new family has been born! They now run amok in the upper levels, tearing the Humans apart! If you would like to go meet them, go ahead and instill yourself in a leadership role, they will follow your commands. There is one who is slowly becoming like me, and I must confront him. I will meet with you again in the upper levels, now go!"

I begin to sprint down the hall, sensing the powers used by Ross.

"EmbrACE MEE... DooO nOt DefY ME!"
The darker side of my conscious pools itself into Ross, filling him with dark intentions and slowly causing his inevitable insanity.
"what the hell. i feel a tickle in my brain" i say "NOTHING ROSS, JUST ANOTHER DARKNESS LIKE ME DOESN'T KNOW ITS PLACE!!!" "why do you block it?" i ask "BECAUSE UNLIKE OTHER DARK WELPS THE LORD OF CHAOS WORKS ALONE!!! NOW TURN AROUND BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR HEAD!!!!" I spin quickly seeing ashley at the end of the hall i ready my weapon as she approached through the gruesome chimera remains.
"Terrans, they didn't even notice me yelling at them. Oh wait, they probably think it's Malak's special little observer." Sorlan whispers to himself. "Terrans, I am not a little observer that makes noises!" He yells to the Terrans.
Little changeling, I am closing in on you...
Hmm... Ross has indeed taken my powers for himself... This should be interesting...
The Dark armor around my hand creates a long barrel, and I aim it at Ross, and fire, a large purple bullet whirring down the hallway. He drops to the ground, and the bullet implodes on the wall behind him, creating a miniature black hole. It stops after a few seconds, and I shoot several more, while a dark mist forms behind me. Each passing second it gets darker. Soon, the areas behind me is pitch black, and several roars come from it. The Chimeras, put back together and seemingly reanimated, stumble through the mist, and engage Ross in anger and fury.
"I will make you pay for keeping me for yourself... My powers... are still mine even when in a different host... Remember this, when it is the end of you Rossmund."
"Defiler, I propose a temporary alliance, that still will give you the samples that you so crave. There is a Terran whom I am currently fighting, who has taken my powers and desecrated them, taking them for himself. If you aid me in killing him, you will receive no more threats from me, nor my Chimera. Will you agree?"
"well Darkness its your time to shine" i say as my body is covered in black mist. "WHAT GIVES ROSS?!" "you really didn't think i'd let you have full control did you?" "YOU'RE SUCH A DEBIE DOWNER!!!". the first of the resurrected chimeras lumber towards me as i dig my chainblade also covered with black mist through their bodies with almost no resistance, as if the teeth of my hungry weapon wasn't there at all. more came, the more i slaughtered. "come at me!!!!!" i roared to the sky as piles of bodies grew around me.
I take a step closer, and snap at his Chainblade, and the Dark armor surrounding it disperses.
"You are obviously an idiot, to try and use MY powers against ME!"
I throw a droplet of liquid from my armor at the wall next to Ross, and shoot another bullet next to him, he jumps away from where it is going to hit, and lands next to the drop. The drop extends and impales his right shoulder, then disperses. His arm falls to his side, dropping the Chainblade. I snicker.
"You aren't getting out of this one alive Ross. You cannot go back to your friends now, especially not with my powers. There is no proof that you aren't a Changeling... You would immediately be killed, and, if you survived, you would be driven insane. You cannot win this."
The Mist begins to fill the hallway, and it envelops me completely. The last thing to disappear into the darkness is my face, smiling widely.
I vanish into the darkness.

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