Breakout Part 3

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OOC: Highly doubt that 45 minutes passed in the RP. But...

"But isn't it too soon? You said it would take 45 minutes. It seems far too quick for me to awaken.

The changeling nods his head. "Under normal circumstances, that would be true. The time is needed for the body to adapt to the new changes. But these are...extraordinary circumstances. There are many dangers present. The defiler is so close. And I won't let him take you when you are so defenseless."

"Of course, this means that your connection with me is weakened and the bonding is slower. But nonetheless, you are still bonded to me. It will take longer for you to develop your abilities."

Martha looks at the changeling long and hard. "Alright then, wake me up.

Martha woke up. Her body felt sluggish. But there was a new sense of vigor and energy stirring within her. She got up and looked at herself and saw...

HBRB, fill in the physical state of Martha. I.E, still human or something like Ashley. And there is sleeping gas where the changeling is locked in.
OOC: Ashley developed a gas mask.

IC: Martha looks down, and sees a dark armor covering her. It begins to retract, and she reaches behind her, and feels something foreign. It is the Changeling's physical connection with her body.
Kinda hard to imagine a gas mask, but I take it would probably be organic? Where is your changeling? In the Control room?

Martha ducked under the reception desk. There was still fighting between the Chimeras and the Protoss. Her new body felt light. "Alright then, what do we do?"
I sliced at another infested, injuring it. It limped away, going back to the infested group. They glared at us, not risking a frontal assault. There was footsteps behind us as Theta returned with the supplies. I was given an assault rifle, feeling good over the fact that I had a useful weapon now. I had more ammo for my freeze rifle, but I didn't see the point of it.

"So, what do we do now? Charge in and most likely die, or fall back to the armory and wait until they leave the command room?"

I raise my rifle, pointing it at the group of infested in front of us.
The Changeling spoke with glee in Martha's mind.
"Well, first we free Ashley, then we free the Chimera! Simple as that!"


Ashley walks around, and sees a camera watching her intently. She sighed, she never liked them, it felt like there was never any privacy. She stared at it, and suddenly, a black tentacle was embedded in it. She looked at it in shock, and tried to see where it came from. The bulge in her back retracted it, and she smiled.
OOC: Then the armory scene is made canon by Naitsrich! Now then, you want to wait for the other's opinion or have me decide? It's your choice since you posted first.

Martha gets up and runs over to the control room. She presses a few digits and the door opens. A wave of gas is released from inside the room. "The defiler must have released it. But I believe it seems Ashley is just fine.
That women...ahahaHAHAHA! Very well then, I will put an end to your creations NOW.

From the vents, there is a rumbling sound...
The Changeling's voice echoes in both of their minds.

Ashley begins to search for the command console, and brings it up, and waits for Martha to input the code to disable the lockdown protocol.
Please insert code to disable the lockdown protocol.

"h7b41D," says Martha as she inputs the code. The speakers boom loudly inside the facility. "All personnel, be advised that the lockdown protocol is lifted. Please proceed to head inside in an orderly fashion and await further orders."

"The doors are opened." Martha says to Ashley.
Ashley gets on the mic.
She says happily as her voice booms throughout the facility.
"YOU MAY NOW EXIT THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR! DAYLIGHT AWAITS MY FRIENDS! Oh, and Alpha? You guys lost. Martha? Is there anything you would like to say to your boys before we head out?"
She hands the mic to Martha and smiles gleefully.
OOC: Aren't the Protoss still fighting the Chimeras?
"This is not good, we are going to have to purify the planet if they get out through those doors. We'll need to make a camp out there. All Protoss! Fall back to the gates! We need to keep the infected in this place until a larger force or a purifier arrives here!" I yell across the halls.
I arrive at the battle scene, and the place filled with a high concentration of Terrans, Protoss, and some new breed of infested. NOne seem particularly friendly but I approach the infested leader, who I identified by pheremonal patterns. I crawl along the ceiling and drop down to him.
OOC: I'll have you decide, smylez.
If I want this RP to end sooner, it would be the fire team attacking.

But no one wants to come to that so...


"That would be unnecessary changeling, we waste more time the longer we stay here."
"Listen up people, I hear more noises from behind us. There seems to be a large number coming. And we are going to be sandwiched between 2 forces. Fall back now before they surround us. Let's head back to the medical bay on the second floor and gather supplies for now," Theta 1 warns.

"But how do we know when they are gone? And what if we encounter them?" asks Fux

Theta 1's shakes his head. "We shoot the uglies. We don't know when they'll be gone, but we will have assume all of these Chimeras will want to get out as quickly as possible. They should be gone when we come back up and dress our wounds. Now come on, move it!"

"Wonder if we are going to meet the guy who ran off," muses Nick.
OOC: How many Chimeras are there?

How many personal are there? I would say 90% of them were infected.
Alright then there are 100 employees and 40 evacuated the facility and waited outside. There were 30 security guards and only 12 remain which is the rest of the fire team.

Out of the 30 who remained inside, 10 of them were killed in the lower levels. The other 20 are either killed or infested.

So that gives you roughly 20 chimeras plus many more potential ones. And there is a town nearby plus a starport.
03/19/2012 02:06 PMPosted by smylez
So that gives you roughly 20 chimeras plus many more potential ones. And there is a town nearby plus a starport.

And the potential for a true zombie/chimera apocalypse.
"Let's divide and conquer." Nick says as he slices open the vent above him.
Nick holds out his suit-covered hand.

"Anyone have an explosive charge?"
i feel like i've been squeezed out of the RP
You're not yet. Think carefully, everything is in chaos and you are searching for the other humans. They are also retreating...

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