Breakout Part 3

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"ohh how you are so.....WRONG!!!!" i roar, "FINALLY, I HAVE CONTROL!!! HHAHAHAHAHA!!! NOW TO DISPERSE OF THIS WELP!!! the darkness screamed as it picked up the chainblade once again with its left arm a demon arm it launched the changling at the wall, leaving a crater in its wake. with a roar the darkness dissipated in front of her and tore up her shoulder with the blade while delivering blows to the face with the demon arm. bloody and defeated the changling fell to the floor unconscious "YES!!! FEED!!!" the darkness cried with glee but was stopped by me. "YOU WANT TO LEAVE THE WELP ALIVE!!!!" it said, furious inside my head. "if she chooses to come at me again, then go ahead and devour" i say as i stalk off through the halls.
I look at him, clinging to consciousness.
"You... dare... desecrate my powers? I should have rejected you as a host, Rossmund... I should have left you for dead..."
The dark armor solidifies and I, enraged, rush up to him, avoiding his demonic tentacles and arms. I thrust my hand around his neck, and begin choking him. He brings his chainblade around, attempting to stab me, and I grab his wrist, a spike shooting from my palm, impaling his arm. My ribcage opens up and all that lies inside is a seemingly empty void. A large force begins to suck Ross into it forcefully. I rear back with the rest of my tentacles, and begin a rapid assault on his torso, his armor dissipating before the tips came into contact, and then reforming as they came out, keeping the wound from being bandaged or to stop the blood flow. My eyes eminate dark flames and I throw him to the ground, after releasing his arm and shooting a black hole underneath him. I drop him, and watch as his lower half falls into the void, his upper half crawling and scrambling to stay away from the gravity well.

"I warned you. You cannot use me..."

OOC: Dark, the powers are still me, so it sort of makes sense that I control them. I don't think you can control Ashley's powers, and only barely control Ross'. It doesn't add up no matter how you put it.

OOC^2: Also, I need to stress again, that the powers are MY character. It wouldn't willingly go against me. The Darkness always tries to KILL Jackie when he goes against it. The whole last level of the Darkness II was against the Darkness itself!
"you think i have YOUR darkness? what you mean this?" i say as my voice switches "ObEy mE" it whispered ominously but was then replaced by loud roars "HAHAHAHA!!! OH HOW YOU'RE SO WRONG!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DO WHELP!!! GET THIS STRAIGHT..." then the voice switches back to me "that vial wasn't part of your darkness as a whole but the wild uncontrollable urge to destroy, didn't you think your darkness has been easier to control lately? because the lord of chaos already left!!!" i scream as i force myself out of the portal, my body enveloping in dark mist. "you have the power of manipulation while i took the power of wild feral chaos" i say as tentacles come out of the ground holding ashley down "and do you know why the lord of chaos hasn't turned on me yet?..... because it wants you dead" i state as my chainblade plunges deep into ashley's stomach.

OOC: basically i took a personality of your darkness that was in that vial, when isolated because if its new host became a new consciousness that doesn't obey you, one that amplifies its trait as wild and feral
OOC: Facepalm.
It can't, because it is part of my original body. The reason you have it's powers is because you ingested (ate) it, and after floating around your body for a while, it eventually went into a temporary symbiotic relationship, and can eject itself to grow again. It cannot have another personality since it is an extraction of my body.
"Alright, lets get to command and help them out." Nick says as he preps his rifle.
Humans have got to be the most ignorant beings in the galaxy. He keeps moving with his force and pushes past the Terrans. On the first sign of them to attack us kill them.
OOC: darkra, just let HBRB have control over you for awhile. You can't just suddenly have this power boost this quickly.
It's also illogical.
Things like this need to slowly build up. First, you get a super robo arm, then you get psionic changeling powers, what next? You're throwing to much things into the mix at one time, slow down a bit.
And the fact that we could call OP right now.....
omg i need some time to process all this but HBRB can have his so called darkness powers back, cause jeez my head is spinning
Don't introduce so many new elements at a single time.
You know, there is a pattern to these kinds of events... Someone screws up and makes an OP character. Then everyone stops posting...
03/06/2012 04:00 PMPosted by HowBabysRBrn
You know, there is a pattern to these kinds of events... Someone screws up and makes an OP character. Then everyone stops posting...

It can get frustrating at times.
head hurts.... ow
OOC: Bloody 'ell! Blizzard ate my post! Sorry, lads, I'll do it later...
OOC: Is anyone in the group going to respond to my character? Seriously. MAKE A POST.

I sure as hell will.

IC: "Well what are we waiting for? Lets get moving."

Nick says as he steps thrugh the Now busted open doors.

"Command, are there any less creep covered routes?" He says as he pulls his feet out of the muck.
03/06/2012 05:05 PMPosted by Jake
OOC: Bloody 'ell! Blizzard ate my post! Sorry, lads, I'll do it later...

I try to Ctr+C my longer posts to prevent that situation.

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