Breakout Part 3

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OOC: Yeah me too, but the hybrid can sense him and there's plenty of creatures there to dig him out. Plus, he's on the second floor and he would drop into who knows what. Though, it may be better than a hybrid...
Jeff: I follow the thoughts until I come the two minds I sensed. It's two women.

"Hey, what are you still doing here? There are hybrids in that base. Get out of here before they show up."

(It's Martha and Ashley if you couldn't tell.)
The Changeling can barely contain it's excitement. Ashley looks very uneasy as the dark liquid comes out of her back, and trickles around in front of Jeff. It begins to rise, and vaguely takes the shape of a humanoid.
"What the f!@#?! You're infested! Get back!"
She shakes her head.
"Not infested... More like... an alliance. He reeeeaaally wants to meet you, Jeff."
The Changeling completely forms, and a devilish fanged smile appears on his face.
"It's been far too long!"
"!!! How do you know my name? No one on this planet should know me." I back away as something forms in front of me. "What the- A changeling?" I cloak.
It turns into a liquid and forcibly expels itself, covering Jeff, and revealing him. Now the liquid comes out of Martha's back, and it reforms again.
"Oh yes, and these two ladies have struck a deal with me. Now that I think of it... These Hybrids, you say... A combination of Protoss, Zerg, and Terran DNA?"
OOC: Kind of confusing and hard to understand there. What do you mean by revealing.

IC: I burn the air around to get the slime off and I jump to the top of a two story building. "Ah, d!@# it! What was that?! What did you just do?! What the f!@# do you want!?" I spit. I have the worst taste in my mouth.

OOC: You want me to give his story now or after they talk. It would be easier after they talk, maybe. It depends I guess. T.T
Basically I covered you in tar, it stuck to you, and I may have been high. =w=not really.

I'm confused as to wtf is going on. Is this the Jeff that I know and (maybe) love?
It is like paint-balling a room to find the invisible person in it.
Jeff: "Oh come on! Seriously, this doesn't even do anything. It's just annoying and sticky. What the hell? What zerg tries to annoy their opponent?!"
Jeff: I shoulder my rifle. "Tell me why I shouldn't kill you all right now?"
Defiler: I move towards the hybrid. I act submissive to try and trick it. It can't read my mind and I am not going to back down to a freak like this. As I near it, I release my insects to destroy it and absorb it into me.

Hybrid: "You made the wrong move."

Defiler: A power fluctuates and is released from the hybrid's body. I watch stunned as the insects all fall dead. I stare at the creature, but it hasn't moved from its place. I grow angry that someone could act so casual facing me, I rush it and I prepare my stunner.

Hybrid: "You jusst don't learn do you?" I unleash my other power. I trap the defiler in a bubble of energy and I lift him off the ground. The energy hits him and he struggles to escape. "You don't ssseem to undersstand what you are dealing with here you upsstart. I am all that iss beautiful of the zerg and the protosss. I am greater than both sspeciess and I am the masster of an army of minionss." As I speak, my minions fall in behind me. The defiler stops struggling to stare in awe of the army. I rest my hand on one of the protoss/terran hybrids. "Thesse are my children. They aren't very ssmart. I need leadersship. I need intelligent beingss to lead this army. That'ss what I want of you. I won't force you to do it, but how elsse will you capture your prize?" I feel amused when I sense his surprise. "Yess, defiler. I can read your mind. You sseek the Changeling. This changelingss will not do, you need the greatesst Changeling that hass ever exissted. I ssenssed his pressence asss well asss yoursss when I wass in my chamber. I ssensse him now asss well. I can help you become perfect."

Defiler: As I listen, I am filled with fear, courage, and desire. The Quenn of Blades is nothing like this being. This creature spoke truth and gave me knowledge and power. I could work with this being and become perfect. I make my decision. "I will join you. You words are full of wisdom. Give me my prize and I will serve you."

Hybrid: "You have made the right decission." I release him and I give me the knowledge of the changelings location. "I give you thiss minionss to desstroy and absorb the creature. Go now and make me proud."
Suddenly, they all figured out a way to settle their differences, and it wasn't long before a peace accord was drafted and signed.

This needed an ending.
Well, this was close to the ending before I abandoned it because I had a serious mood swing regarding RPs in general. Ignore the thecommander take over (that is anything past page 12). I may still have the ending I planned out somewhere in my shelf...

I'll finish the RP in one giant wall of text perhaps in 2-3 hours from this post.
OOC: Nah, the wall of text isn't worth it and I lost the paper as expected. This is my canon which starts at page 12, separate from thecommander's canon that continues for the rest of the thread. Not my best work but hey, this RP is from so long ago. Also the starport isn't the ingame starport. It's just an airfield of sorts.

Map of starport
X=Direction of chimera horde
Y=Airfield building (not all that impressive)
D=Ships on the other side of the building on an enclosed fence (Open area)

Still a wall of text in the end...
The security team have secured the research disk, given to them by a dying Professor Abraham who instructs them to leave with the sensitive data as soon as possible. The security team meets up with the Protoss and they agree that the Chimeras are the primary threat. They enter an uneasy alliance and prepare to break through the Chimeran lines.

Near the entrance the defiler makes one last effort to stop the Changeling. He unleashes a swarm of parasites and noxious clouds at the Changeling and the Chimeras, killing a few and weakening the rest but the Changeling is able to resist much of the toxin and defeats the defiler. With a bone scythe at its neck, the plague bringer is defiant and stings the Changeling with its barbed tail. Remarking that it feels nothing, the changeling kills the defiler by snapping its neck.

The chimeras, former employees of the facility who are infected by the changeling, outnumber the Protoss and security team by a 1-5 ratio. The changeling seeks to escape the planet along with some Chimeras. Martha is a mid level employee who becomes responsible for the failed containment after every other high ranking personnel is killed and is subsequently infected by the changeling. She tells them that the Starport houses a number of dropships that can be used to escape. Locating several jeeps outside, they and a number of strong chimeras drive to the starport a few kilos from the research facility.

The remaining weakened Chimeras at the research facility are killed off by the combined efforts of the security team and the Protoss. However, as they begin to drive away from the facility, they hear a guttural scream deep within the facility. The security team are running low on ammo and Cazil remarks that it is the first time he has felt fear in a long time. Out of range from the facility's jammers, Cazil secretly activates a beacon, calling to the nearest Protoss fleet.

The Changeling comes across the town leading to the starport. Sensing another opportunity to bolster its numbers, it decides to infest the civilians before leaving through the starport. The guards stationed are wiped out almost immediately.

Coming across the town, the security team notes the carnage ensuing. Some of them advocate going in and defend the civilians. Others want to use the diversion to get to the starport first. Ultimately, the security team decides to leave the citizens to their fate and arrives first on the starport.

The security team activates the automated turrets. To their dismay, the all but 2 of the shuttles were taken apart for repairs and both are low on fuel. Four of them explore the for fuel as the others prepare for a possible last stand against the changeling's forces.

The Chimeras arrive as expected and more fuel is still needed for flight. Despite defeating a sizable number of chimeras with turrets, psionic storms and a superior positioning, the chimeras break through Luckily, out of the many, few of the chimeras actually held a firearm. At this point, they retreat to enclosed fence with some luck; they found enough fuel for one of the ships.

The security team refuels the dropship while at the same time, they shoot the encroaching chimeras with whatever they have. Running out of ammo, the security team to board the shuttle and lift off. Nick, the de facto security team leader, gives Cazil the keys to the other shuttle. Though it would not be enough to evacuate the planet, it was enough to get away from the immediate area should Cazil choose to do so.

The Protoss stays behind with the replicant at its side and a dark templar named Malak to kill off the new infestation and ensure the other broods do not access it. As they prepare to stand against the Chimeras, the shuttle flies past and unloads its payload, destroying a good portion of the remaining chimeras.

The Changeling's forces consists of itself, the Chimeran leader, an enhanced Martha and several "veteran" chimeras. They engage briefly before a hybrid shows up, attracted to the noise and psionic emanations.

At this critical juncture, Cazil is distracted and the changeling manages to snag the shuttle keys from Cazil's hands. Caring only for itself and not too keen to deal with a hybrid, it commands the remainder of its forces to attack the Protoss and distract them while it gets on the shuttle.

The Protoss fight a ferocious battle with the chimeras and hybrid but not for long. The hybrid, eager for food, easily dispatches the remainder of the chimeras as it makes it's way to the Protoss. The changeling manages to get the shuttle running in the chaos but not before Cazil notices and is able to hit one of the engines with a psionic blast.

However, the immediate threat is clear. The Hybrid proved to be a particularly powerful foe. The replicant is destroyed in the battle. Cazil and Malak fights tooth and nail. In the process, Malak gets too close and is greviously injured by psionic shockwave erupting from the Hybrid.

Things look very bleak for the Cazil as each passing moment seems more and more impossible. Defiant in the face of death, he charges towards the hybrid when suddenly, a plasma bolt crashes on the hybrid from the skies.

A Protoss fleet arrived and they were ready to assist. With the help of his brethren, Cazil manages to defeat the hybrid. Malak and Cazil board the capital ship of the fleet as the Protoss ground forces begin a sweep of the area and investigates the facility. Later, they would purify the planet.

The planet's surface was not completely scorched. Only some 25% of the planet was targeted for purification as the Protoss recognized that the infestation was not great.

Cazil and Malak survived the encounter and continued to their service to the Hierarchy.

The security team gave the research data to the Dominion. The survivors went their separate ways, some returning to work for the Dominion again, some went to mercenary work and others merely drifted away.

The incident was covered up by the Dominion and blamed the Protoss as the aggressor.

The Changeling, ever resourceful, lived through the crash and the following purification by forcibly inserting itself into the body of one of the native hawks and flying away with its enhanced form. Sending a message out, a small force of Zerg picked the Changeling up. With knowledge of creating Chimeras, it looked forward to creating its brood.

However, the Changeling was in constant pain. The defiler got the last laugh as it was able to create a toxin that adapted to the Changeling's DNA and resulted in the continued apoptosis of the Changeling's cells. This, combined with the changeling's impressive regenerative capabilities resulted in excruciating pain for the changeling. It was some time before the Changeling was able to overcome defiler's toxins.

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