Breakout Part 3

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So how are we going to move on?
BTW darkra. I think ACE now capitalizes better than you do.
Nick, I would love to... Oh wait... I was slated by death by your command.
He does!
IC: Sorlan
Cazil, these Terrans are oblivious to me and my force walking past them, is would that be?
no... turning moar lke ace..... no captilizaton ugghhh grammra gne bda. figuratize languaeg wannngi.
He does!
IC: Sorlan
Cazil, these Terrans are oblivious to me and my force walking past them, is would that be?

"You are supposed to be undetectable. Maybe they will start noticing you if you cut a few of them in half. Up to this point you have merely been an annoyance to them."

EDIT: You don't ignore DTs and live.
He is not a DT, this one is a HT.
IC: ///Sorlan///
Cazil, are you confusing me with a Nerazim? I am speaking to you through the Khala, the Nerazim is standing beside you. The sound of annoyance is great in his voice.
OOC: I knew you had made another character, but I remember them ignoring the DT.

Hence my assumption.
They were ignoring the DT talking through his observer.
I head back, leaving Ross to the Defiler.
Thanks for the Greeeeat help there bud. You can have him, I'm off.
I begin to try and get up to the next level, keeping to the vents and staying away from the little Protoss encampment.
Nick steps thrugh the door, surveying the hallways around him.

"Command, Please respond to last message, over."
i pick up my comm, maybe for the last time "this is....Ross, i don't know if any of you hear this but i'm about to be eviscerated and decapitated, you guys go on without me.... i'll hold the defiler off. i just wished i could see the sun again like the rest of you but i guess thats not happening. Hey guys..... do you think i became a hero?" i blink the comm off, gripping my revolver i aim "COME AT ME YOU SON OF A B*TCH!!!!"
I crawl through the vents, until I hear feral screaming and what sounded like barks of authority. I found it.

I break the vent and drop down to see chaos reigning on the third floor. I imagine the second wouldn't be much better. I touch the Chimera by the shoulder, and it turns, begins to snarl, then lightens it's expression.
"I told you I would find you. Can you feel your brethren die, do you feel hatred for these humans who try to simply eliminate you? Utilize that rage, command your forces, strategically and effectively. Burn them to the ground. I myself will go and have a talk with my former commanding officer. Continue your assault, send waves at random intervals, then finally, go yourself and arm as many as you can with the weapons on your back. Show them the true meaning of super soldiers."

I do a backflip and jump back into the vents, heading straight to command.
vision....blurred....can't....see.... i stumbled through the halls, shots ringing out from my revolver some hitting flesh while most clanged on the metallic walls. a light..... i quickened my pace but found only a flashlight, but strangely i found my vision focusing on where the beam hits, whirling around with the defiler after me i unload 6 shots with the sound of bullet hitting flesh, running off to safety i was alone again. the sounds of battle raged ahead, but first a visit to the medics bay. i was no longer a slave to darkness but.... a champion of light.

OOC: f*ck the darkness 2 inspiration its Alan wake time!!!!
I nod to her as she went through the vents, and I looked back at the battle.

I had already probed through the minds of most of my brothers and sisters, and it seemed almost none of them knew how to use a rifle, and only a tenth of them knew how to wield close combat weapons. The rest would, at best, would be better off just using their claws, which were much better than most improvised weapons.

But the few who knew how to use proper weaponary, I would need to round them up. To better destroy these Dominion do- wait, Dominion? He would never fight his own people! He looked at the soldiers up above, trying desprately to... exterminate us? No, it wasn't that. They were killing us, yes, but they were only killing the ones that got close to them. Proper exterminators would have simply charged, purging the entire lab. Unless we had some sort of time limit, they were going it wrong.

Wait... I look down at the tanks which had been attached my body, and I look around to realize none of my brothers and sisters had them. It didn't take long to put two and two together.

So. We needed these tanks to survive for long periods, and except for ther one that had been in the cryo room, the only place we might find more of these tanks is if we break through their lines. Damnit, we are with the Dominion as well, you idiots! If you just let us through, we can be of use to you! Why are you doing this!?!

No, these weren't soldiers. Just monsters. These demons needed to die. They must be rebels, they have to be. That's the only explanation as to why this place had Dominion insigna while they still try to kill us.

I continue the attempt to breach the enemy lines, with more vigor than before. I try every trick I had learned in the Officer Institute. I would not let my comrades die from something as dishonourable as not getting basic neccesities in time. I charge headlong into the battle personally, inspiring my allies and putting fear into the rebels as I killed them with rifle and axe.

If we can just fund even the smallest opening to the surface, we would have already won. And I would make damn sure we killed every last one of these rebels when we did so.
i walked out of the infirmary with something strange, a pump action shotgun was left on the desk with a note:
just a little incentive,
a friend

what i saw in the hall was horrific, chimera littered the halls with the marines desperately trying to hold the lines. then i saw him, the one with the tank. i charged, the things for some strange reason shied away from the glow of my flashlight. i was no longer the cold-blooded killer, letting them live i went straight for the leader. was it just me or was the pack on its back vibrating with black mist? the leader (jack) looks at me . readying my shotgun i was ready to face the darkness for i..... am the champion of light.
Dude, what is this 'flashlight' of yours really? Because:

1) Chimeras aren't afraid of light, or at least they shouldn't, hopefully. And

2) My tanks are perfectly normal tanks. They don't poof out of exiatance when light touches it.
oops sry
Chimera are in fact not afraid of light. They act as humans would. They retain memories of their past selves, but simply tend to accept what they are now. Also, Jake, I fastened more packs onto your pack to give to the others.
OOC; Where is Smylez????
I trudge through the halls, my allies beside me. There was creep all over the floor, making squishing sounds with every step.

"Command is having its problems right now. The infested are probably making it harder to relay messages."

The familiar sounds of gunshots could be heard in the distance.

"Do you think we're close to Command? Or maybe our lost man?"

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