Breakout Part 3

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i begin to shoot at the chimera, the flashlight for some reason was able to focus its glow and soon my armor was once again drenched with chimera blood. firing a salvo to my right i dodged a swipe from another one's claws delivering a shot to the stomach. salvos range out as i ducked low to see another one of the creatures firing at me with their strange rifles. using a dead body as a human shield i threw it when i got close enough dazing my assailant so i could end him quick. checking my ammo i find 0 shells left and began to tentatively reload as 3 more dashed towards me. instead of going to the maximum amount of ammunition the shotgun could hold i loaded a shell then fired for better efficiency taking care of the enemies. i barge into a room for some safety and cover to find another note with a weapon case:

you're doing good,
a friend

i open it with caution finding a..... crossbow? aiming it at the door which was caving inwards dangerously it burst open revealing 3 chimera. firing the crossbow the metal arrow lodged deep in the 3rd ones chest but it kept shooting when i held down the trigger leaving the beasts riddled with metal arrows. finding more ammo in the case i charged back out into the fray.
(Sorry for disappearing again, guys... midterms were a pain!)

Jonathan played with his rifle's safety as he followed the rest of the group to support Command. The rest of the group was radioing Command, trying to gain some sort of direction, but there was no response as of yet.

"Honestly..." He said, "This is a little too much. I thought this was going to be an easy post. Hey, guys, where are we headed?"
The Vents above Martha begin to clank, and suddenly, several panels break and fall from the ceiling. A slow giggle echoes through the room. Suddenly, Ashley drops down in the back of the room, and several tentacles shoot out and impale the guards in the room.

"Why hello Martha... and you must be Dr. Abe... Nice to meet you both..."
She takes several steps forwards, not even turning to look at the ones aiming pistols at her. The several tentacles protruding from her back released into a flurry, killing everyone with a gun in their hands.
"Well, the direction where gunshots are coming from."

There was another burst of gunfire, quickly followed up by a next one. It continued in that pattern that only a group can achieve.

"I think we found Command....."
There was a frenzy of activity on the first floor. Barricades were set up in the main hallway. The remaining guards were pulled back into the lobby and they set up defensive positions.

Martha was in the main lobby, overseeing the operation. She looked at the crates on a corner. They arrived today and were suppose to be delivered to different areas of the facility. With any luck, they would have some uses now.

She turned to two guards who were moving some desks. "Help me with these crates you two. They may hold something useful." Grabbing a crowbar, they opened the crates. " supplies...Damn it! Is there anything useful in these shipments?"

There was one last crate left. "Well this is it. Go and help the others. I'll pry this one open." With some effort, she was able to open the crate.

In the center of the crate was a medium sized box. She placed her hands and tried to open it. To her surprise, it did so easily and revealed a deployable turret. "200 rounds available," piqued a computerized voice. "Finally! Some good news! Farson! Set this turret up and have it manned."

She looked around the lobby. Everywhere there was an expression of weariness, anxiety and fear. Who could blame them? People were on edge when the first breakout occurred. Now that a new breakout had occur and it was so close, it was a matter of time before one would crack.

"Men, I know it's been a long night and things have went FUBAR rather quickly. But remember that we aren't the only ones fighting. There is another team below fighting and I am sure they've faced a lot worse. So we can't disappoint them by dying today. Not until we contain this situation. Giving up now will be a slap to those men and yourself."

"I am sure you know what will happen if these things get out. Your families, if you have them in the settlement, will be endanger. There are also much bigger implications if they do get out. I realize that we aren't exactly in the best shape but don't lose hope. If we hold out long enough, the team below will attack the chimera from behind and we will hit them in the front."

There was a cheer in the lobby. "How long has it since I've been in contact with fire teams? I should go back and check on them," she thought.

She stepped into the room, accompanied by two guards. She took poured a cup of coffee and took a sip. Setting it next to her, she was about to radio them when when she hears cries of pain.

Turning around, she saw an abomination. It was a human, but it had became something much more sinister. The two guards were dead. Several tentacles sprouted from its body. The body seemed as if it was bursting, the body unable to contain something. The face was unmistakably feminine but there were signs of deterioration and corruption. Yet she looked familiar. "Good lord, is that Ashley?" remarked Dr. Abe.

Martha felt her left hand moving to the pistol. One of the worker went for his pistol, only to have his face ripped off by the tentacle before he could raise it. The thing continued to look at Martha, paying little attention to its kill. Martha's left hand slowly backed away and graced the surface of the table.

"What is it that you want Ashley, or should I say, Changeling?"

Dr. Abe crouches behind a desk, hidden from view.
Twice I have left this changeling get away from me! There will not be a third time!
"For Command to not respond for this long, something isn't right at all...We need to hurry."
This is what happens during my absence right? The changeling escapes and its in the Command room. The npc Chimera are attacking right as this happens. Darkra is fighting the protoss/Chimera(?) at the same time and all the humans are running to the first floor with haste without restocking.

...I still have no clue what the protoss are trying to do after all this time or their location for that matter.


D= Door
X= Command Room
T= turret
Thing in the middle is the reception desk, doubles as a barricade
---= barricade
*15 men in total in the lobby, mostly small arms, 5 assault rifles.
*Total of 5 people in the control room
*No one has heard the noise inside the Command Room
Finally! Feedback from Smylez! Just a second...
I stifle a laugh.
"We are one in the same... I provide it with a host body, it allows me to do whatever I want. It is an effective symbiotic relationship... Don't you think?"
I begin to chuckle, as two of the tentacles impale themselves into the ground, raising me up. I cross my arms and smile.
"No one will understand the power this creature wields... No one but me. You wanted to turn it into a weapon for humanity... and it turned on you. This is what happens when you screw with something that has a will of it's own."
A deep laugh comes from my back, and the bump bursts, making a tangled mess of tentacles that began to create a form. The Changeling stands next to me, connected to the small of my back like some kind of leash.

"You see, Ashley and I have reached... an agreement. I continue to live in her body, as long as our Chimera are set free. We are here to release the floodgates, and let our creations run rampant!"

He begins laughing, well, more of a screeching sound, but I knew it was laughter. I turn back to them.
"If you do not shut down the lockdown protocol, you will both be killed like the others. If you do... he has offered you immortality and a fraction of his powers..."

The Changeling sticks it's tongue out and gives a toothy grin.
"It will require some... less than comfortable circumstances for both of us... but I am willing to for the freedom of my creations... to let them see the sun that has been taken away from them by YOU!"
He sticks a clawed finger at Martha.
"Command?" Nick sasys into the speakers.


"Still no response." He says to the group.

"Lets get to floor 01. Fast." He says, checking his pistol as he steps into the next room.
Off to bed, and someone tell me if that OOC summary thing is right. And fill me in with the situation with the protoss, I don't have a clue about them. Will post 4:30ish EST tomorrow.
The gunfire became more louder as we started to move faster. The sounds of something dying was loud.

"We're very close now."

An infested came from a turn in the hallway we were in, which quickly died to our gun fire.

"The infested must be around the corner. We need to go through them to get back to command. Is anyone here good at demolition?"
Nick puts another few rounds into the dead infested. Just for good measure.

"Lets rephrase that. Who has grenades?"
(Just for the sake of continuation, I'm going to improv a bit.. hope I don't piss anyone off!)

As Nick stepped into the next room, Jonathan followed, quickly scanning the room for any threats. It was in this room that he realized there was the original elevator, from which they descended underground.

Less than a day ago, the fire team was eating lunch and draining bottles. Now, they were in a nightmarish situation.

"Let's get going!" He said to the group, clearing the elevator. "I sure could use a drink about now."
"I could do one too. Say, if we make this, drinks are on me."

I pull out my grenade satchel, seeing that I almost never used one.

"Three frags, one firebomb, and two shock grenades. Right now, we need someone that can use these to kill them to minimize ammo usage. So, again, who's good at demolition?"
Let's say my Templar split from the protoss group.

IC: I have noticed nearly no 'normal' zerg lately. It seems all of the biomass was going into these new infested over other stuff.

Another chimera charges me only to run into a lighting bolt. It hits the ground welldone.

I can not help but notice how vastly superior these new infested were. They must be contained.

"Probe. Location clear. One cannon in this room. The infestation must not be allowed to retake ground. We are fortunate, the terrans are preventing this from leaving the compound."

The probe beeps an acknowledged and begins warping in a cannon.
"A symbiotic relationship? Look at you Ashley, you aren't in that position at all. This relationship is much more akin of a parasite latched onto a host. The changeling is weakened! It depends on you for nourishment, it feeds on you every minute you let it stay on you. It allows you to do whatever you want because it needs you as a proxy for itself. You will be nothing more than a lifeless husk after it is done with you. I already see its effect on you. You are slowly withering away. You will be casted aside like the others. But that doesn't need to happen. It is powerless in its current form. Fight it back, reject it."

Martha feels sweat down her neck. I doubt she'd buy that. Damn, is there no other way? I hope the doc is using this time to come up with something.
"No volunteers? Fekk it. Give me the firebomb." Nick says, extending his hand for the pack.
"You still haven't given an answer!" It mused. It was obviously enjoying their feeble attempts to return Ashley to her former state.
--As soon as someone hands Nick the firebomb--

A swish and crackle (psi-storm) is heard from inside the room you planed to firebomb.
The sound continues for a few more seconds before dissipating.

"Looks like our Templar buddy is back."

I look at the room we were going to enter for a moment before turning around.

"Since there's no demolition men here, than I need someone to throw these for us. We're going to be too busy firing at the enemy to land a good throw."
I wonder where Cazil went. Malak runs to the location of Sorlan and see him in pace with the Terran group. "Well, well, a High Templar who was formerly with the Conclave is not working to kill a group of Terran, I am very impressed!" He cloaks as he sees a slight movement in the Terran.
OOC: I feel like adding Zaros. He was after all, my first real successful character.

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